Gingerbread Rooms

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Tea of Texas
IcyTea's Forbidden Gingerbread Palace

Judged by HOST_Nemo

Travel to the Palace

Updated : December 23rd @ 6pm EST/5pm CST

Will be Completed by : December 26th

Update Logs
---December 19th, 2014
- Moving entire Palace to another room with conservative tactics to lower block limit and making room for players to move and interact

- Creating a ride to the palace (WIP; won't be done in approx. 2 days?)!
---Note: You do not have to use my ride to enter the palace

- Added items from this Friday's New 'Tis the Season Items!

- Created docks near the ride portals, added special Holiday Sven (Hopefully another one)!

- Created "Throne" area with a gate around it

---December 20th, 2014
- Touch ups / Mostly Earning Credits for Furni

- Added 3 more Svens (Plus 1 more in the Ride Room*)

- Placed 2 Svens where they look like you can saddle them (This was by accident; hint, it's the ones near the blue and pink gumdrops)!

- Removed Nightmare Tree to the Ride Room*

- Added Nightmare Snowman Statue and remodeled area where the Nightmare Tree was at

- Created a Sven petting area in the Ride Room*

-Added more Toy Soldiers

---December 21st and 22nd, 2014
- Earning Credits :sick:

- Adding more to the Ride Room*

- Replaced a mickey tree with a minnie one

- Due to myVMK's server issues, I'll merge the 21st and 22nd logs as there was nothing huge about them.

- Adding more to the Ride Room*

---December 23rd and 24th, 2014
- Made Half of the room contrasted and diverse to give it uniqueness

- Edited the right side of the lighting used with Nightmare Christmas Walls

---December 25th, 2014 and onward

- Finished the ride with leftover gingerbread parts

- Relaxed afterwards

- Finished everything, have fun and come and visit!

Cost of this Gingerbread Room + Ride :

Approximately 4? Firewalls as of December 20th, 2014!

That's approximately 125,000 Credits** :sleepy:

Any thoughts? :) Suggestions? ;) Feedback!? :thumbsdown::thumbsup: Please comment below! :D

*The Ride Room as of December 20th is a WIP name, it may change over time!

** I may earn 150,000 - 200,000 credits by the time judging begins, good luck to all! This is all for fun and I don't expect to win!
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I missed the signups for the contest.. Let's not talk about it.
Anywho, here's my gingerbread house (:

Again, I apologize for the excess white spaces..
I was QueenCat_says on the old vmk game and this is almost the exact Castle design that I won with. I have all the original pictures as I was building it years ago.


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Allllllllllllllllll Aboard!!!!!!

Come Take A Ride On MyVMK's Very Own Polar Express!

Click here for room

Click here for room disc.

The room is not 100% complete, Im just going to add small details, but this is mainly what its going to look like and I thought I would share with everyone :)