Graphics Showcase (and Looking for More!)

Hiya! :wave:

I was looking through my MyVMK folder of all the things people have made for me. I decided to showcase them here and hopefully get people to make me more graphics. :yay:

So, in order that I got them:









@Yosemite (using Evehist's pixel art)











If you want to make me something feel free to post or PM me and I'll use it and post it on this thread! Be creative! I am not going to ask for anything too specific, I want you (the artist) to use this as an opportunity to show off what you can do. I hope it's a bit challenging to exercise your creativity. Without further ado, here are some things to get you started (feel free to deviate! you don't need to include everything on the list!)

Avatar reference (I'm on the right, the other avatar is my best friend @PrincessCheetah, feel free to include her too if ya want):

Favorite colors:
Pink is my favorite color, followed by purple. I like bright/neon colors more than pastels, but those are okay too. I like drastic contrast, like a bright pink on a black background.
I like curly, "Elegant" fonts. I'm a girly girl, the bubbly the better.
Glitter. Sparkles. Anything cute.
I like RWBY, my favorite character from that is Blake Belladonna. I play the clarinet, I love music, Panic! At the Disco is one of my favorite bands. Sword Art Online is cool too :squee:
Disney/MyVMK Stuff:
My favorite Disney Princess is Belle, and I love the Cheshire cat and Marie from the Aristocats. I'm obsessed with my purple princess minnie hat, and I want the Castle Suite Guest Room more than anything else in the game.
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Whatcha looking for? XD like what kinda sigs and such?
Anything! I'll go ahead and list my likes/avatar reference in the OP. I really want the artists to be creative with their work, so I don't want to ask for anything specific. I appreciate everything people make for me because they spent time on it. :swoon:
It's been awhile since I've done artwork for someone..... I can make you an avatar if you'd like.
I'd just need to know the eye colour of your choice, and if you'd want a certain facial expression (happy, wink, etc.).