[GUIDE] How To Report a Post

This is a topic deigned just to help everyone to report spam posts on these forums. : )

1. Locate the post.


The above example post would be the one you are reporting.

On the bottom left, notice the Triangular shape like this:

2. Click on it.

3. After you clicked on it, you should have a page open that wants you to describe your reason on why you are reporting the offensive post.

All you have to do next is to state the reason on why you are reporting.

4. Next, explain why you reported the post below in the word box area.

5. Click submit and your done! You have reported the post. In some cases you will recieve a message stating that this post has already been reported. In this case, someone beat you to it!

Hope this helped!

Hope it helped. :)


Thanks for this guide! I was really confused about reporting people and this really cleared it up. I wish I could like posts. :thumbsup:
Thanks guys! Really glad it helped. (:


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Updated for the new forums!
No prob!

-Alex :)
No problem! :D