guy advice!


eyerolling is my cardio.
so there's this guy I've been talking to.
I met him on match.
my friend encouraged me to look online since she joined and found someone perfect for her...

this guy messaged me a few days after being on the site. i really like everything about his profile & i find him really attractive! but here's the thing: he sucks at writing back.

I sometimes would only get a few messages but he wouldn't respond back for a day(s). I started to get paranoid that this could be some scam or catfish so I did a google image search & found out he's legit.

After hearly vaguely from him, I decided to give him my number & name and told him I would no longer be using the site & the messaging didn't work very well. a day and half past, nothing! i figured he was over me.
but just as i was about to go to bed one night, he sent me a text! he told me his name and agreed the messaging as bad and said "now you have my number"

long story short, we actually had a decent texting conversation a few days after that text. he asks me questions and seems like he wants to get to know me better. he even asked me to send him a photo of my finished Halloween costume I told him I was working on. he later ended the conversation by saying he needed to get up early in the morning & said goodnight.

now I'm stuck!! I'm not even sure what I should do at this point. to my understanding he's really busy with school. but, I can't help but think of what I should say or if he's going to even text me back. I'm going back & forth about if this guy likes me or not!
I really don't want to be pushy & take it slow and really don't want to make things awkward. At this point I feel like I like him more than he likes me, but I could be wrong. Any advice?!



My advice: be yourself. If this guy is interested in you he will find some time to reach out. Maybe tell him very clearly that you are interested and see how he feels. It's better to be direct than feed around the bush with these things. Usually if you have feelings for someone you will know very quickly.

I would also advise not to chase this boy. As a guy, if I am not responding to someone for days at a time then I either have someone else already or I'm not interested. I'm not trying to down your hopes with this bit- I'm just being honest.


10 mins late to everything
hi get coffee who doesn't like coffee (dont tell me u don't like coffee)
- completely inexperienced male

only texting will ruin the relationship especially if u could see one another

- experienced male