Halloween Spook-or-Store- hurry, closes 10-31-19!

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Halloween Spook-or-Store
Welcome. Here, we offer a variety of Halloween/spooky furniture, pins, magic, and clothing available until 10-31-19. But be warned, you could receive a spook instead of a store.

Halloween Stitch Bag- 500c
Halloween Spider Bag- 500c
Pumpkin Dining Chair x10- 750c each
Pumpkin Dining Table x5- 1.5k each
Pumpkin Side Table x10- 750c each
Jack Skellington Candy Crate Opened (candy bag with jack's face) x59- 300c each
Crate Mystery Black Empty (with gold skulls) x2- 1k each
Egg- Jack Skellington x3- 1k each
Egg- Poison Apple x2- 1k each
Dark Castle Wall Small- 2.5k
Egg- Dr. Facilier- 2k
Spider Web Rug x4- 750c each
Crate Coffee Table Black- 2k
Candle Lit Walkway- 1.5k
Halloween Mickey Ghost White- 1.5k
Dead Man's Chest 1x1 x2- 1.5k each
Spooky Sunset Wall Flat set of 5- 10k
Spiderweb Mickey- 2k
Pumpkin Pooh x3- 1k each
Pumpkin Tinker Bell x3- 1k each
Pumpkin Pooh x3- 1k each
Soul Dust x2- 1k each
Sugar Skull Maleficent- 3k
Ash x6- 100c each
Minnie Head Spiderweb x2- 2k each
Out of stock
Fisherman's Hat Black- 2k
Pirate Elizabeth Swann Boots- 2k
Pirate Girls Boots Black- 3k
Keyblade LionHeart- 2k
Keyblade Mysterious Abyss- 2k
Keyblade Stick- 1k
Keyblade Metal Chocobo- 1k
Keyblade Kingdom Key- 1k
Keyblade Wooden Sword x2- 1k each
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