Not yet fixed HEi HEi pet base problem...


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Hello AMY.. The HEE HEE pet base has a problem. It keeps disappearing when I enter my room. It will walk around for a while and then it will disappear and if I leave my room, and go back in, it will appear for a while and then disappear again. It started about six weeks ago. I cleaned out my computer, and defragged it but it still does the same thing. Thank You



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My Hei Hei bird does the same thing, the problem is when he walks around he is fine, but when Hei Hei pecks on the ground like a chicken he will disappear. Then if a leave my room and go back later Hei Hei will walk around and disappear again when he pecks on the ground. I paid a lot for the Hei Hei pet base and if you can please fix my poor Hei Hei.