Help Please :)

Hey everyone,

I have a question about how some things work..

1. What are the different player games and HOW do you play them (ex. Cute or boot, DHTF, etc.) I keep seeing threads mentioning them but no instructions.

2. What is the best way to get rare items?

Thank you!!


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Hello! If you go to any player room, the owner will surely explain what you have to do!
But let me explain the ones you mentioned, cute or boot goes the following: the owner of the room decides a theme, for example pink - all players must dress in pink, or animal - dress like an animal, and so on. The owner decides for each person if they like how they dressed for that theme, if they don't like someone, they're out - they get booted!
DHTF means don't hit the floor and it's basically an idle game. Each player has a pile of crates and the owner rolls numbers. Each number coresponds to a player and as you get the number you lose a tile. The last one standing on tiles wins.
The best way to get rare items is trading or to get the monthly rares you play minigames to get keys for treasure chest. There are also rare pins in the Fantasyland Courtyard's ride rewards!