help with purchasing a tripod?


Hungry photographer
hey guys! i've been looking around and i'd really like
to purchase a tripod. a few months back i finally got my
canon 7d, and i hike a lot, so i didn't quite want one.
but as i've gotten into shooting star photos, and really
needing to find ways to stabilize my photos, i figured i
should just buy one.

my thing is that throughout my many years of
photography, i've literally never had a tripod.
so i'm at a dead end when it comes to shopping for
one. my budget is sort of minimal. i'd like to spend
anywhere from fifty to seventy bucks. and like i
said, i hike a lot. so i'd like something that isn't
too strenuous to carry.

any thoughts?
I've always heard excellent things about Manfrotto tripods, but sadly they're crazy expensive. If you ever happen to find one that's reasonable and can withhold your camera's weight I'd say buy it.
Lower model Manfrotto tripod:

(In all honesty you really don't need to start off with a tripod like this, but a really nice feature is that the head mount can be adjusted, so if you're on uneven ground you don't have to keep fumbling with the legs to get the camera at the correct angle you want, you simply adjust the head mount.)

Cheaper tripod:

Definitely make sure you check out the weight requirements on the tripod. For some it may be easier to carry for you, but it might not be able to hold the weight of the camera which sucks when you're taking those long exposure shots because the camera starts to slide.

Hope this helps, let me know if you have any questions! :D