Fixed HM "issue moving to next room"

Sometimes players finish a game but get a pop-up saying there is an issue moving to the next room, so you're still chilling in the game while the rest of the players move to the lobby. This usually happens in the third round for me, but I think it can happen in the second round too. The only solution to this is closing the window and logging back in. Supposedly you still get credits but I haven’t confirmed this myself yet!


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Please fix!!!

I can confirm you get credits even when this happens. I have a habit of refreshing the MyVMK home screen after every game. Every time it has happened to me, I received my credits. Until it is fixed, if you're concerned about not receiving your credits, try making it a habit to refresh your home screen before you start the next game. It'll be there for you to check to see how many credits you had before and your new credit balance after you refresh :)