HOST Events Poll! (Followup)

Which HOST Event would you enjoy seeing the most?

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Okie, now that more hosts have made their way onto the team and in-room events have been made easier on our part, we thought it would be best to finally post a followup poll on which events you'd enjoy to see ingame the most.
If you have any ideas for events, please post a reply! <3
We hope to hear from you all soon!
- Jasmine <3


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I'd like to see teleporter games. They're incredibly frustrating, which makes it a lot of fun (for me at least).


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I loved the Ride-A-Thon! Even though I know it was a lot of work for the Hosts to make. Ran pretty smooth!

I picked Ride-A-Thon because I loved seeing all the rooms the Hosts made!

Spinner Games (Blitz) are the best (and fairest) for a game of chance!

The Teleporter Games could back up easily and slow entrance.

Thank you for all your work!


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i like spinner and hunt, ride-a-thons arent my favorite bc it is just a free item for everyone
It's nice to be able to get prizes and participate in events where you are not directly competing against other players for rewards (pumpkins, clams). I enjoyed the ride a thon quite a bit for this reason and look forward to more.


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I noticed HOST_Celluloid voted... What?
Have you looked at the event calendar? Celluloid has a teleporter game so his choice makes sense x)

Anyways I'm looking forward to the pin trading events. Those would be great to introduce some pins that can gain value. I can't wait to see what you guys do with this.

I wouldn't mind seeing a Host Yard Sale in the future but that might be better to save for a little while :)


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I voted for Pin trading because I love pins and it will be cool to integrate more pins into the game :D

Each have their merits though;
Spinner Games (Blitz) - Gets quite a few people through, keep some HOST items rare, a challenge
Ride-A-Thon - Guarenteed prize, see cool HOST made rooms, able to get a lot of people through (There have been 11k+ prizes the last 2 events, thats like 1 prize per 2 seconds)
Teleporter Games - This would be my second choice. To have maybe 10-25 rooms with loads of teleporters and not direct access to every teleporter in each room. I think this would be really fun, especially if you change the reward door so people don't post routes. Also it would mean hundreds of people could be in the maze at once, and would probably able to get in a few times. If I didn't love pin collecting I'd have voted this.


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For the teleporter game you must figure out how you are going to force people to not go backwards through the rooms. It needs more work, in other words, before I'd support having them. (rides need workthat is)


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i really dont like the ride-a-thons...the lines were obnoxious and when you werent in the line, the whole game lagged horribly. i just didnt enjoy it last night when i was trying to get credits...Too much lag from the ride-a-thon. :(


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For the teleporter game you must figure out how you are going to force people to not go backwards through the rooms. It needs more work, in other words, before I'd support having them. (rides need workthat is)
Um, Ride start piece right in front of the teleporter? I think rides are working extremely well after seeing the ride-a-thon. Teleporters work so that people must step forward so have rides leading to the exit of the room and boom they are out and gone.

Take note that Teleporter games in VMK consisted of 1 room with numerous teleporters (upwards of 15). Not mazes, mind that I might not remember if there was a maze. If a maze happens then there needs to be ride pieces leading away from the teleporters they just exited.
Teleporter games are fun:D but you'd have to suspend the shoutbox..
I think we should have that one host game that's like a triangle thing
and whoever gets to the last chair, wins. You only move on the host's mark.
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