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'ello everyone!:hearts: I've decided to change this up a bit and stick everything in one post, rather than make a new one each month.

Soooo... I'd love to get your input on the events I run each month. All my games will be listed below (click the spoiler to view the image and rules).
Did you have a favorite? Was it fantabulous, or just meh? Is there one you never want to see again? :mob: I am open to any and all feedback! Let me know your thoughts! I make these games for YOU to enjoy, so i want to make sure that YOU are having fun! :bounce:

My goal is to do this every month. I used to do this waaaaay back in the day, and I think it helped a lot of guests understand the events better! (other cast members are more than welcome to join in on this too! <3) Basically, each month I will post images of my HOST event rooms as they are added to the event calendar, along with the rules. It gives you a chance to see the room and read the rules, before actually attending the event. <3

Remember, you can also find the rules in a pop up as soon as you enter the room, on the Event Calendar AND in Discord! Good luck!

<3 Abs
December 2020 - Holiday Madness
Happy Holidays <3

Searching for Christmas
1 Welcome to Absolem's Tree Farm! 6 guests will enter and have a seat on a gingerbread bench.
2. When I say THE SEARCH IS ON!, choose a tree & hop on the track next to it!
3. If you land up by me, you chose wisely! You WIN! - If you wind up on the wall - oooooh ho ho ho, off to the Yeti you go!! -If your track brings you back to the trees, pick another one! You won't be stuck! You can easily walk off the track just by clicking a new spot.
November 2020 - Fall Basics
Only one this month! :)

Campy B-I-N-G-O
1. Team challenge! 4 per team - 4 tasks!
2. When I say Let's play BINGO!, MATCH the 4 numbers below ME on the BLACK generators - IN ORDER, Left to Right! (spin the generator above your head)
3. Once you match, LIGHT your teams lantern AND campfire!
4. Final task! ONE guest per team must jump on their teams track (on the tent, next to the generator!) & trigger my BINGO generator for the WIN!
- do NOT jump on your track until 4 numbers match IN ORDER AND both items are lit! If you do - your team will be DISQUALIFIED!
- AFK'ers WILL be booted!

October 2020 - Punk-o-Ween
Have a spooctacular October! <3

Wake the Dead!
1. Teamwork! 3 per team! When I say "Wake the dead!", Guest #1 will race to light the 3 candelabras in their lane (make sure you stay in your lane!), then SIT on the last tomb!
2. Once they are sitting, Guest #2 will turn them OFF!
3. Once they are sitting, Guest #3 will turn them back ON!!
4. Once ALL 3 guests are SITTING, light your crystal ball to WIN!

The spirits await you!

Check-in time!
1. Welcome to the Hotel Absolem! Bwaharharhar! 7 (Lucky 7?) of you peasants will enter and have a seat in a SKELTON chair.
2. When I say CHECK IN TIME!, choose one of our 13 luxurious rooms and hop on the ride track!
3. Will you be staying with us? Or will the room reject your reservation? O_o
-If the room throws back out into the hallway, pick another one! (you won't be stuck! you can easily walk off the track just by clicking a new spot!)
- If you wind up by the vending machine, well, bad news. Our resident ghosts don't want you here!! Enjoy that wonderful consolation prize.
- Winners will return to the front desk! Looks like you'll be staying with us! Hop on the red track to go find some towels - I mean, claim your prize!!

September 2020 - World Showcase
I decided to focus on America! <3

Take me out to the ballgame! (Gooooo NY Yankees! :bounce::trophy:)
1. 2 players at a time! Enter and have a seat on the white bench by the flags. The flag you are sitting next to is your color (red or blue).
2. When I say PLAY BALL!, BOTH players will jump on their track next to home plate. (Make sure you pay attention & jump on the right track or you will automatically be OUT!)
3. As you FLY around the bases, spin your predictometers & score a HOMERUN at least once to WIN!
-double click to spin
-think fast but try not to click yourself!

A revamped oldie! Who needs Saturday or Sunday Night Football when we have Monday Morning Madness! (Name may change if not scheduled on a Monday... lol...)
1. 12 guests team up in 3's - have a seat on the tires! When I say HIKE!, the 2 guests sitting at the ENDS (next to the Football Randomizers) will spin until they BOTH get FIELD GOALS.
3. Once BOTH MATCH, the MIDDLE guest will have TWO tasks to complete!
--Run to the middle of the field and grab (double click to turn ON) their 1st flag (make sure you light YOUR teams flag)
--Next, run to the OTHER end of the field, SIT on YOUR gumdrop and grab your teams 2nd flag
4. First team to score 2 field goals, grab BOTH their flags AND have everyone seated properly, WINS!
September Events: Which event did you like better this month? O_o
  • Homerun Derby!
    Votes: 216.7%
  • Monday/Tuesday Morning Football
    Votes: 1083.3%

  • Total voters 12
August 2020 - Under the Sea
Happy August everyone!

Here are my 2 events for this month, complete with rules! Remember, I always post my rules directly on the calendar as well! I hope you enjoy them, and see you soon! <3

The Seas with Nemo & Friends
1. 5 guests will enter the sub! *Click the LOWER RIGHT corner of your porthole to sit*
2. There will be 5 rounds (for ONE of you!). When I say Spin!, spin the generator in front of you ONE time! The lowest # per round is OUT. Remaining guests will move on to the next level!
--If there is a tie during rounds 1-3, tied guests with the lowest number are ALL OUT!! No re-rolls this time!
4. The last guest standing must roll higher than ME to WIN! MATCHES are OUT!

Catch that caviar!
1. Team challenge! Enter and have a seat on either the purple or green shells!
2. When I say CATCH THAT CAVIAR!, 2 at a time (1 per team), guests will hop on their color track (by the flag) and light as many of their color caviar as possible!
3. Once they return, guest #2 may take their turn! ONE lap ONLY per guest!
4. Beware! There are some tricks along the course and if your rival team is clever enough, they may get one over on you!
5. The team with the most caviar lit wins! BUT if no one scores at least 1, you are ALL out!
--Tie? One guest per team will face off and take one more trip through the sea floor! Same rules as above!
-Double click to light!

If you played my "Animation Warehouse" a few years back, this is very similar. Although, the speed limit may have gone up a bit since... ;)
(original post located here)
August Events: Which one was your favorite?
  • The Seas with Nemo & Friends
    Votes: 7 58.3%
  • Catch That Caviar!
    Votes: 5 41.7%
    • Total voters 12
July 2020 - Fun In The Sun

1. Teamwork! When I say SUGAR RUSH!! BOTH players will race to MATCH ALL 3 generators with MINE.
2. Next, bob for apples (make them bounce)!
3. Finally, sit on the Oreo & light your candy skull dish! First TEAM to complete all 5 tasks properly, WINS!
- The only rule is make sure you stay in your OWN lane! Work together!!
- Double click items to activate/spin

1. 6 players per round.
---5 will sit in the TOP row of rafts, 1 player per lane. Each lane is marked with a flag -this is your color!
---One player will be our spinner, and have a seat on the black raft.
2. One round at a time, I will tell the spinner to spin the black generator (double click).
3. If it lands on YOUR color, move DOWN, ONE step closer to Donald!
4. If it lands on LIGHT BLUE, the SPINNER gets a point!
5. If you make it to the Donald raft first, YOU win! BUT, if the spinner scores TWO times before a player makes it to the goal, the SPINNER wins!
-If you are color blind, just let me know and i will let you know what color you are! <3

1. Team challenge! 4 per color.
2. When I say Spin or Sink! ALL players will spin & MATCH ME on ALL 6 generators AND light ALL 4 gems!
3. Once COMPLETED, ONE player per team will jump on their track (*hint* sit on a mushroom - tracks are in the center), SIT in the raft NEXT to their team's flag and turn it ON for the WIN!
--Work together! Do NOT enter the sinkhole until all numbers match and gems are ON! match and gems are ON!
--Double click to spin/turn items ON.

1. Team challenge! 5 per team! 4 will be spinners and the 5th (the player sitting in the middle) will be the team runner!
2. When I say Whirl Through Wonderland!, ALL 4 spinners must MATCH my number
3. Once ALL 4 match, the runner must go THROUGH their vortex!
4. Final step, the runner must SIT behind their team's scoreboard and light up ALL 5 lights!
-First team to complete the challenge, WINS!
--Double click to spin/light scoreboards & click the vortex to go through!
*update* View results: If I were to run any of these again in the future, which would you choose?
  • Hawaiian Sweet Rolls
    Votes: 5 27.8%
  • Just Keep Spinning
    Votes: 7 38.9%
  • Sinkhole Surprise!
    Votes: 2 11.1%
  • Whirling Through Wonderland
    Votes: 11 61.1%
  • Total voters 18
(original post located here)

June 2020 - Animal Kingdom

The ship is in the harbor now, see if you can spot him...
1. Team challenge! 4 per team. When I say TO THE REVOLUTION!, ALL 4 team members will spin & match 1776 IN THAT ORDER!
2. AFTER your team matches, make sure you are ALL sitting! The players sitting on the ends must LIGHT Liberty's torch & LIGHT their firework (double click) for the WIN! -TEAM WORK!
Make sure you are spinning YOUR generator and not your team mates! (Everyone has one right in front of them!) Only help others if its needed! Work together and don't forget steps!
-You do NOT need to leave your seat at any time throughout the race! Everything is clickable by staying seated.

Butterfly Conservatory
Time to help the butterflies!
1. 4 conservationists will enter, and have a seat on one of the mushrooms along the top! Each of you will have a task to complete to keep the butterflies happy! -- Pollination (Bee), Water (Cloud), Plants (Groot) and Sunlight (Lantern)! The item BEHIND your seat, is the item you will want to focus on!
2. When I call your COLOR (I will call 2 at a time), hop on the track in FRONT of you (it matches your color)
3. Beeee quick and turn on as many of your items as you can! The player who "helps" the most WINS{!}
-- Ties will go in to extra rounds, until a winner is declared! --Double click your items to turn them on!

Jewels of the Nile
Legend says there's treasure hidden within the vines of this jungle. O_o Beware of the curse and vicious monkeys that guard the vines!
1. Team challenge! When I say FIND THE JEWELS!, one player from each team will *climb* the vines, and steal all the jewels within your teams lane (there are 3 hidden in the vines - double click to turn them ON)!
2. After you have all 3 lit, make your way to the TOP of the vine, and swing back down (click the ride track on the top of your lane!)
3. Once you're safe on the ground, the second player is going to return them to the jungle (wow, you came so close to getting that treasure, but the curse frightened your partner! - double click to turn them back OFF)!
4. Be the first team with all their gems stolen/returned, AND have both team members safely SEATED in the proper lane -- to claim the WIN!

May 2020 - Throwback Month --- (i'm baaaaack! bwahrharharhar)

Jedi Training with Master Yoda
Welcome my young padawans! Jedi training will soon commence!
1. When you enter, have a seat next to a generator. THIS will be YOUR color! You have 4 tasks to complete.
2. When I say USE THE FORCE!, First - Summons a 4 on your generator (for May 4th!)
3. Second - Focus on YOUR COLOR fairies and light them with your Jedi powers! - there are 3 of them!
4. Last task - Sit on the stump next to YOUR lightsaber and turn it on! Be the first one done, to prove yourself worthy of being a true Jedi -- for the WIN!!

May the 4th be with you! Note: You can do the tasks however you like! But to win you must have your generator on #4, 3 lighted fairies, a lightsaber (in YOUR color) and be sitting on the last stump to win! Good luck padawans!!

Seven Dwarfs Mine Race
Runaway mine car! Can your team mine the most gems?
1. When it's your turn to enter, hop on the green track and you will be teleported to the top of the room! Team up and have a seat on a piece of coal.
2. When I say DIG!, 1 player on each team will jump on their teams track and "mine" as many of THEIR colored gems as possible (double click the gems, they will drop and change color)! Think fast!
3. Once they exit the mine and are seated safely on their diamond, the second player will do the same!
4. The team with most gems mined after each player takes their turn, WINS! Double click the gems to make them drop - but be careful! You may mine your opponents gems instead! OR, are you clever enough to make the other team lose a gem or two?!

Whitewater Rafting Challenge Throwback event, from June of 2014!!
Are you ready to take on the Whitewater Rafting Challenge!?
1. Team challenge! 8 players will enter, and have a seat in the rafts next to the colored flags. This will be your team color!
2. When I say SWIM FOR YOUR LIVES!!, teams will race through the rapids, to the MIDDLE raft and SIT. You must be sitting TOGETHER before you continue on or you will be disqualified! #safetyfirst
3. Next, light your first flare (firework- double click)
4. Then race to the bottom raft! Once again, you must be SITTING TOGETHER before you light your last flare!
5. Be the first team to make it through the rapids properly, with 2 flares lit, to WIN! Easy enough, right? Beware, the river holds secrets.... ;) Work together!

Battle on the High Seas - Throwback event from September of 2014!!
1. 9 pirates will enter, and team up in 3's!
2. One round at a time - when i say FIRE!, everyone will spin!
3. The team to score the highest combined, gets ONE point!
4. First team to score TWO points, will then face off against ME, ONE on ONE! (everyone else be walkin' the plank! - you can stay until the end of the game and watch if you like!)
5. When I say FIRE!, the remaining 3 players and myself will spin!
6. Each pirate to score HIGHER than me (NO MATCHING!), WINS! (a match or lower and you be walkin' the plank too!)
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