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Once again, i'd love to get your input on the events I run each month. All my games will be listed below (click the spoiler to view the image and rules).
Remember, you can also always find the rules in a pop up as soon as you enter the room, on the Event Calendar AND in Discord! It is important that you look over them, so we can keep the game moving! Good luck!
December 2021 - Winter Wonders

1. 4 at a time! Come on in and have a seat in one of the four teacups. Do NOT click ANY tracks yet!
2. When I say "Curiouser and curiouser" hop on the track below your cup, sit back, hold on tight and cross those toes!
3. You will auto bounce your way through the rabbit hole! Will you be one of the lucky ones and join me at the tea party? Or will you be frozen alive and sent to the Queen!?!?
-Win or Lose, you will be AUTO placed wherever your path leads you!
-I hear you asking, "But Abs, what do I need to DO?" All you need to do sit in that tea cup, wait for me to say go, and click that track! ABSolutely nothing else. Easy peasy.
-You do NOT have to click the fairies! They are only for decoration, i promise! ;)
-Colors mean nothing in this event! They are only used as a starting point.
-ALL tracks are random! There is no advantage to starting on one color over the other. But, if you want to choose your neighbors track, go for it!
-Once you enter the rabbit hole, you can NOT exit! You will be AUTO bounced around and placed on whichever track your path leads to!
<< Lost - Win >>

--Level 1 (starting point): ALL go to Level 2.
--Level 2: Either goes BACK to Level 2 or on to 3.
--Level 3: Either goes BACK to Level 2 or 3, on to 4, or lose!
--Level 4: Either goes BACK to Level 2, 3 or 4, on to 5, or lose!
--Level 5: Goes to either Win or lose!

-Since you all did so awesome with the chaos events over the past few months, i'm going easy on you! ;)
Happy Holidays! <3

November 2021 - Cleared for takeoff!

This is a tricky event! Start by having a seat in one of the 5 ski chairs. This is your color!* -- Do NOT click any ride tracks and do NOT use the Yellow Vortex unless told to do so!
1. When I say ZOOM, EVERYONE will click the track under their chair to start sledding!
2. The goal is to find your 17 gems & drop as many as you can (double click) as you slide by! WARNING! You will ZOOOOM so THINK FAST!
3. The guest with the most gems dropped, WINS! - BUT, you must get AT LEAST 1 gem to qualify for a win!! If no one drops a gem, you are ALL OUT!!!
TIE: Tied guests will use the YELLOW VORTEX (bottom left <<) to teleport back to the top & race one more time! (if you tie AGAIN, you play AGAIN!)
--Lanyards will be disabled for this event.
*--If you have trouble with colors, use row #5. ALL the gems in this lane are yours! Same rules apply.
I have a few helpful hints...
-Be ready to think fast as soon as you click that track! ZOOOOOM! The tracks are covered in ice & you will be ZOOMING past those gems FAST!
-Row #5 is meant for anyone who has difficulty with colors. There is no advantage/ disadvantage to this vs. the other 2 lanes - other than you can't sabotage anyone! It is just as difficult to complete.
-If you're really good, you can sabotage the sledder in the same lane as you! It will take VERY fast thinking to pull it off though - but it's possible!! Bwaharharhar!
-Mobile Friendly: Maybe. This might be easier to do with a touch screen, but I have not tested it!

Sitting in a Ski Chair 101
-See photos/video. If you hover over the chair, in the correct spot, you will see a yellow circle with SIT in white letters. When you see that, click. You will sit with ease! (The back of the chair also works. You just have to click the right spot!) Fun fact: This works for most chairs!

October 2021 - This is Halloween

Enter & click a YELLOW vortex (near the top) to teleport to your seat below
1. This is a race, 1 on 1! When I say CLIMB, make your way through your maze of cauldrons & haunted chairs (stay on your color!)
Light your SEVEN candles as you go!
2. First to the top with ALL 7 lit, WINS!!
-If you can't move, you're clicking the wrong area! Don't give up & keep trying!
-If you are seated in the final yellow chair & do not have ALL of your candles, you must GO BACK! Winners must have ALL 7 lit!!
-Lanyards WILL be disabled for this event.
*If you have issues with colors, just look for the candles! Your lane will not cross with the other lane, so everything on one side is yours! Same rules apply.
-Your path is a windy road. Pay attention! I will post a video here AFTER the event has had its first run! bwaharharhar! ;) *UPDATE!*
-There is only one way up & one way down. You should not exit the sides of the maze & re-enter from a different area. You will have no advantage trying to do this.
-Look at the chairs. They all have the same, easy, clickable spot that could help you climb faster.
-The first chair is located next to the starting yellow chair & vortex. Make sure you don't click the vortex! You will lose time!!
-If you REACH THE TOP & realize you missed a candle, you must either hop back down through the chairs, or use the vortex, to go back & light whatever is missing. This is the ONLY time (other than when you first enter) that using the vortex might be of use!

September 2021 - MyVMK County Fair

Step right up!! When it's your turn, click a RED track in front of one of the GREEN/Center teacups to join the party!*
--If you are on the left side, you will be moving left << THAT WAY <<
--If you are on the right side, you will be moving right >> THAT WAY >>

1. TEAMWORK! When I say MOVE DOWN the RACE is on! Each side will move to their 1st tea cup, SIT & SPIN to match MY RED generator! (you will most likely ride around in a circle each time you spin! Do NOT try to stand and spin)
2. Once you match, hop on the track in FRONT of your 1st cup. This will trigger & UNLOCK your TEAMMATES turnstile (WAIT for them to unlock yours!)
--Make sure you don't re-spin your generator while waiting!
--Match before you hop on your track! You can NOT go back & may DISQUALIFY your team!
3. Once your TEAMMATE matches, YOUR turnstile will UNLOCK & you can continue on to the 2nd tea cup - & do it again! SIT, MATCH me, then hop on your last track & WAIT to be unlocked!
4. Final task! Once your team has successfully unlocked all 4 turnstiles & matched all 4 generators, your last track will teleport you BOTH to the tea party! BOTH guests must SIT at their matching table, & then LIGHT your team FLAG for the win!
--You BOTH must be SITTING BEFORE lighting the flag!
*if you have issues with colors, the lane closest to the entrance & matching table are marked #1. Follow the same rules. There are 3 sets of back to back teacups in the center, these are the starting points. <3

*NEW* - In the case of teams missing a match: One suggestion - keep going! Keep spinning & matching!! We have had a game where ALL 3 teams missed a number! It then comes down to the MOST MATCHES + SITTING with a LIT FLAG = WIN!
-ALL Seats have been fixed and are functioning - meaning if you don't sit on that last task, you might not win!
-If you need to exit the game, you must get in line & wait until your turn to be put on the consol track!

Exit rules:
You :clap: can't :clap: get :clap: stuck!
If the game has ended and you are mid-lane, don't worry! I will open ALL the turnstiles! Hop on the tracks & continue to make your way to the end of your lane & you will be able to walk to the exit! (Staff should NOT need to teleport anyone to the exit!!)

Mobile Friendly Status:
Is this game mobile friendly? No clue, I use a laptop! tbh, let me know and i'll add the info here for everyone! <3

-Watch where you double click your generators as you circle around. If you click the wrong area, THE NUMBER WON'T SPIN, but you will still ride around in a loop! (see photo - aim for around the area under the number/by the gold spout thingie! If you don't, you might click YOURSELF! - i will probably turn off profiles for this event)

-Make sure you match me BEFORE jumping on a track to move on! There is NO going backwards! If your number doesn't match and you've moved on to the next section because you hopped on the track too soon, you may DISQUALIFY your team! BUT, the LEFT side has a slight advantage when it comes to this. Use it to your advantage if needed!!!
-Once you get on a track, you CAN'T move on until your teammate unlocks your door!

*NEW* - REMINDER: This is a TEAM event, meaning you can help each other IF YOU'RE ABLE TO! If your partner jumps on that first track too soon, you can hop over to their cup and spin for them!! Just make sure you don't jump on their track!! - This will only work for the FIRST set of generators!!

August 2021 - Muppets Take MyVMK

1. Auditionees will enter and have a seat center stage on one of the directors chairs! (however many chairs are there, is how many guests will audition!)
2. When I say "WAKA WAKA WAKA!", choose a track (with the WHITE glow around them - there are 8 to choose from!) and cross your toes! Will you get your chance to make your debut on the Muppet Theater stage, or will you be yeeted downstairs to the Canteen? (Try the soup du jour - It's the same as yesterday!)
-If you can't move, click AWAY from the tracks & try again!

Exclusive Hints: None! Easy peasy teleporter game! I figured i'm making you suffer enough with Morph's event room this month... XD

July 2021 - Innoventions

How about a break from all this new fangled technology, and we all enjoy a nice old fashioned game of billiards? XD (Sorry, i've had this created since 2014 and wanted to use it!! lol)
1. Team challenge! 6 players will enter, and have a seat on the RED, BLUE & GREEN chairs (click the TRACK in FRONT of your chair to suit up!)
2. When I say spin, ONE ROUND AT A TIME, EVERYONE will spin ONCE! Teams will try to "knock" out the other team. There is no set amount of rounds - it will go until one team (if any!!) is left standing!
3. The numbers in FRONT of your team (on the matching bullseye) are your TEAMS numbers! (The goal is to spin ANYTHING other than the numbers in front of you, BUT, If you do spin your own #, it does NOT count against you!)
4. For every number knocked out, 'I' will put an arrow in your bullseye to mark it! I will also reset everyone's generators after each round, so you all start at 0.
5. The goal is to be the last team standing! - BUT, it IS possible for multiple/ALL teams to be OUT in one round!
---double click generators to spin

PLOT TWIST! -- If ANY team spins a 2 of a kind, players will MOVE clockwise ONE seat! Meaning TEAMS WILL CHANGE!! This round will NOT count against anyone!
clock·wise /ˈkläkˌwīz/
  1. in the same direction as the way in which the hands of a clock move around.
    "turn the knob clockwise"
  1. (of a direction) corresponding to the way in which the hands of a clock move around.
    "a clockwise direction"

Meaning, if ANY team spins DOUBLES of ANY number, and I say MOVE DOWN you will move clockwise ^^:
If you are in the BLUE chairs: the Left player will move to the Right BLUE seat, and the Right player will move to the Left RED seat.​
RED: Left player moves to the Right RED seat, and the Right player moves to the Right GREEN seat.​
GREEN: Left player moves to the Left BLUE seat and the Right player moves to the Left GREEN seat!​
-If your team is OUT and you'd like to watch the rest of the match, come on over & have a seat near me by the refreshment area! You must exit once your game is over though! <3

June 2021 - It was Marvel all along

*PLEASE REMOVE any Wings/backpacks/floaty things!*
1. Enter & click a TRACK next to a rocket ship to suit up. Now you're ready to fight!!
2. When I say "WE'RE IN THE END GAME NOW" race through space (sit on the 5 clear cubes & stay in your lane!) & turn ON all 6 of your Infinity Stones.
3. Once you have ALL 6, hop on your TRACK! (with the glow of your color under it! Make sure you hit the RIDE START and not the teleporter!)
-If you miss a stone and return to your ship early, you must go BACK and light it before continuing on!)
4. You will quickly be teleported back to your ship! Signal to the other Avengers that you have retrieved the stones by LIGHTING your first flag (next to your rocket ship)!
5. Now, race through space (your lane) one more time! This time, head to your VORTEX TELEPORTER to breach the Bifrost! (make sure you click the TELEPORTER and not the track!)
6. Once you are safely on the other side, SIT (you should auto sit! be patient!) & destroy (LIGHT) your Tesseract!
7. LAST TASK - Only do this once EVERYTHING ELSE IS COMPLETED and you are SITTING (6 stones, 1x flag, 1x tesseract) LIGHT your final flag for the WIN!
-double click to activate items
-single click on ride start (track)/teleporter to use

-On your first run, if you accidentally click the teleporter and cross the Bifrost, RE-ENTER the teleporter next to your seat (on the right)! It will teleport you back to where you need to be, and you can click the track.
-The clear cube seats are tricky! Clicking is everything. Don't give up - everything is do-able! If you hover your mouse over the seat you will see "SIT" on the floor - that's when you need to click!

May 2021 - Pixar - Take 3

1.Enter and have a seat on a Thimble!
2. When I say "ANDY'S COMING!", choose a moving buddy (click a track on the floor, with the white glow!) and meet Buzz & Hamm on the bed - Or will you be yeeted out the window, & visit SID instead??
-If you can't move, click AWAY from the tracks & choose a different buddy!
*Hint* - there aren't really any hints for this one lol. Easy peasy month!!!

(By the way, that Loopy Lion that's always wandering around has challenged me to create a more difficult event. So you can thank him when the time comes!! It may not be this month, it may not be next month, but it shall happen!! bwarharharhar XD
- Oh, if any of you have any ideas you'd like to see (in general, for HOST events), throw them my way!)

April 2021 - Blooming with wildlife

Pick a color & click the track BEHIND the seat! (The Pink/#1 seat is reserved for anyone who can not see the colors. If you need to be there, let me know! <3)
When I say DANCE MAGIC, complete these tasks!
1. OPEN your door! (the one in FRONT of your chair!)
2. Turn ON BOTH of your fairies!
3. OPEN your FIRST egg!
4. SIT & SPIN to MATCH ME (the BLACK generator) on BOTH of your generators! OPEN your SECOND egg when you sit near it, and turn on BOTH of your flags on TOP of your generators!
5. Find YOUR seat in the CENTER of the Labyrinth & turn your final flag ON for the WIN!

In a nutshell: OPEN your door, LIGHT 2x fairies, OPEN 2x eggs, SIT & MATCH ME 2x, LIGHT 2x generator flags, SIT & LIGHT final flag to WIN!

:juggle:*Forum Exclusive HINTS! (lol)* :juggle:
Helpful hint #1 - Do the tasks in order - especially for the first 4 items.
Helpful hint #2 - Click the items, not the floor around them - again, especially for the first 4 items.

--Pay attention to where you sit! Your hat/pants will remind you what color you are. If you are in the wrong seat at any time, you will be DISQUALIFIED!! (within reason of course, just be aware! If you're sitting AND spinning the wrong gen, you're not paying attention!!)
--Be sure to activate YOUR items!
--Double click items to activate them (light/spin/open)
*If you have issues with color, sit in the lane marked with the #1 & take note of the items marked with a #1. Be sure to correctly activate ALL 10 of them! (1 door, 2 fairies, 2 eggs, 2 matching generators & 3 flags!) Rules are the same.*

March 2021 - Frontierland

The Great Train Robbery
TEAM Challenge!
1. The thief on the RIGHT >>> goes 1st. When I say LET THE HEIST BEGIN... Thief #1 - Turn OFF all 6 items, hop to the front, click INSIDE the train, SIT and WAIT.
-Thief #2 must WAIT for #1 to return before they may go!
2. Thief #2 - turn ON all 3 fireworks, hop to the front, click INSIDE the train, and SIT.
-Both thieves MUST return to the BACK of their train & SIT together, BEFORE continuing on!
3. BOTH thieves will then race to end, click the BROWN TRACK on your train, SIT TOGETHER, then LIGHT the final firework (behind your number) to win!
Easy peasy!!
- Double click items to activate
- the generators will work automatically! don't spin them! :)
Team challenge! Start by having a seat in the BACK car of a train, by the FLAGS. The flag will be your teams color, and whoever sits by it (RIGHT side >> of train) will GO FIRST!

1. When I say LET THE HEIST BEGIN!, Thief #1 (right side>>, with the flag ABOVE their head!) will race through their train, stealing/turning OFF all 6 of their treasures (pearls (Purple/#1 team), candy (Yellow/#2 team) or gold (Green/#3 team)). You will need to sit in each of your train cars to get to the end!
2. Once you have all 6, click the INSIDE of your front TRAIN (NOT the brown track OR the ground!!) to teleport BACK to your flag & SIT!
-Once the 1st thief is BACK & SITTING, thief #2 will LIGHT their 3 explosives (along the left side of the cars)! Then, just like #1 did, click INSIDE the train to teleport BACK to the last car!
3. Once you have BOTH returned & are BOTH SITTING in the last train car, the race is on!
You will now BOTH race through your cars once more & hop on the BROWN RIDE START on YOUR train! (make sure you click the START and not the train this time!)
5. You will be teleported to the gold & your teams color will automatically be displayed on the generators! You must both be SITTING, & then you may LIGHT your final explosive (on top of one of your generators/behind your number) for a successful heist and VICTORY!
--Pay attention to where you click when using the train to teleport/when it's time to jump on the track!! You will delay your team if you click wrong!
--You WILL get stuck and you WILL block each other! WORK TOGETHER to figure it out!! TEAMWORK!
--Double click items to activate them! And don't forget that last explosive!! :)
*If you are color blind, each lane/team is numbered! Just be sure to stay in your teams lane & finish by your teams number! <3

February 2021 - Legends, Myths & Fairy Tales

Breaching the Beanstalks
Inspiration: Mickey & the Beanstalk
1. When I say Fee-fi-fo-fum! choose a track & hop right on!
2. If you wind up by the HARP you've successfully defeated the giant! If you get attacked by dragonflies - better luck next time!
--If you think you're stuck, you're not! Click another spot in the room to hop off the track and try again!

January 2021 - Pirates

Pillage & Plunder Practice
Ahoy mateys! I be havin' tree tasks for ye to do!
1. When I say BURN IT TO THE GROUND!!, hop on the track in front of yer boat (slightly to the right) & light ALL yer walls on fire(4)!
2. Next, jump off & swim over to yer other half of the boat, SIT & SPIN a skull and crossbone!
3. Final task! Drink from yer Grail for the WIN!!
- Don't light yer grail until ALL other pillagin' is completed!
- Double click items to activate them
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MyVMK Staff
MyVMK Staff
Hi, I’m a little confused about the ride a thon points?
Hi there! Sorry, i just saw this!
In case you haven't found an answer by now - basically, each time you ride completely through the ride, you will gain a point. At the end of the ride, you'll notice you end up in a gift shop. If you click the cash register in the gift shop, it will show you the items that are available to purchase with your points. The more you ride, the more cool things you can buy!
Hope this helped! <3