How do you like to eat your French Fries?

How do you like to eat your French Fries?

  • Umm, well, you stick them in your mouth and then bite down.

    Votes: 35 41.2%
  • You squirt ketchup ALL over them and then shove them all in your mouth at once

    Votes: 10 11.8%
  • You get a fork, picking up a single french fry,and you wrap your lips around the fork and fry

    Votes: 4 4.7%
  • You just bend down onto your plate and lick up all the French Fries

    Votes: 3 3.5%
  • You put them in your milkshake.. Isn't that the bestest way to do it?

    Votes: 17 20.0%
  • You cut each fry into small baby bites and then suck them up through a straw

    Votes: 1 1.2%
  • You just walk away. Eating one fry equals eating all of the fries

    Votes: 1 1.2%
  • You ask Hopper to eat them for you. ;)

    Votes: 8 9.4%
  • Other...

    Votes: 6 7.1%

  • Total voters
I dip mine in ketchup not put ketchup on them XD
I usually have fries plain or with bacon and cheese. I scarfed down an entire carton of them from Five Guys today. I was so hungry D:

And dude, their burgers are huge but pretty good :D
The fries where I work are da bomb... house made, thinner than McDonald's fries, fried twice then with steak seasoning(?) we make on top. I like them in honey. Oh god. Fries and honey=happiness.