How do you use the Teleporters?

Hi, I have a set of Teleporters. How do you use them? Do I put them in two different rooms? I currently have them in two rooms, and I click on one, and it doesn't do anything to get me to the other room. Am I supposed to put them at the EXIT to work?

I did have one on the EXIT in room 1, and when I entered it, it took me immediately to the other room (room 2), without allowing me to stay in the first room. So I ended up having to remove the second one to get that to stop preventing me from staying in my first room. I don't know if that makes any sense.

I would love to be able to enter my room via the teleporter, so that it allows me to ride on my water tracks automatically as I enter.
Yes, you put them in 2 different rooms. It does not have to sit on exits to work. I think you may have mismatched teleporters if they're not taking you from one room to another. Whenever you're free and need help, I can come see what's up! :)
Hi, Princessbacon. Thanks for your reply! So I have the teleporters in two separate rooms now, and how or where do I click the teleporter in order to take me to the other room's teleporter? I've been going inside the teleporter, clicking on it, but nothing happens. Maybe I'm not doing this right?
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Hi, again! :) You're doing what you should be doing! I just think you may have 2 mismatched teleporters, or the teleporters may be glitchy? They should work as soon as you place them in 2 separate rooms.


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I'm having a lot of the same problems with my teleporters! I can't get them to work, even when they're in different rooms:/