How to find the Spooky Specials


Where did 4 years go?!
Hey peeps, some fellow players have been having a little trouble locating the Spooky Specials in the game. Since there will be new releases weekly for the month of October, figured I'd drop a little guide on how to locate them so everyone can get their hands on these fun items.

First: You have to locate the shop button on the toolbar located at the bottom of your screen.

Next: Browse the Clothing, Pins, and Furniture tabs for the various Spooky releases featured for that week.



Finally: Be sure to check back in these sections weekly for new items leading up to October 31st, where all of the items released this month will make a come back for anyone who missed out on them the first time! :)

Hope this helped anyone struggling!
Thanks again!

New Addition: This is just for some of our new players that are joining us that might be a little confused on the shop functions. This guide is on how to locate the Spooky Specials menu, but can also show you the tabs and sections of the shop in the pictures featured above if you're having an trouble just perusing the different shops in the catalogue :). You can buy various clothing items in the clothing section, pins, furnishings, rooms etc. And each section has its own menu, each shop has different items to offer in each section. :) Happy spending!