I am SO happy to play again!

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Wishing I can live in my dreams forever...
Hi :) Welcome back to the magical kingdom! You can find me randomly strolling anywhere in the kingdom, but I'm mostly riding rides in the courtyard haha! Nice to "virtually" meet ya!


You can always find me playing POTC <3
Always good to see more people find the game...especially when they play pirates!

I've already played a few games with you, but welcome anyways!
For sure! You SLAY at POTC! Haha :)[DOUBLEPOST=1504498420][/DOUBLEPOST]
Hi I'm SC_Girl, let's be friends and play pirates and fan girl over good players
SC!!! YES! Let's do it. :) Like Vanilla, Zeee, Player One... and so on, and so on. :DizzyPooh:
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