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Some friends and I were discussing things we wanted for next month/some things we thought would be cool. Feel free to comment below with any other creative ideas, or opinions.
I stared the things I really want xD

The Nutcracker and the Four Realms Inspo:
  • Outfits:
    • 0:09 Clara's First Dress; Light Blue Lavender, with a poofy backside fluff, bow hat.
    • 0:11 Guy with Eyepatch outfit, Eyepatch
    • Nutcracker Outfit (Obviously)
    • 1:02 "Sugar Plum Fairy", Wig Hat or Hair, the dress, and possibly makeup misc
    • 1:03 Snow Fairy People, White eyelashes misc*
    • 1:03 Garden Fairy People
    • 1:06 Clara's Princess Dress, with ribbons as hats
    • 1:08 Ballerina Outfit
    • 1:13 Clara's Nutcracker Outfit*
  • Furniture:
    • "Down the nutcracker hole" Flats 0:40. Red background owls pattern into rats.
    • 0:04 Streetlamps covered lightly with snow
    • 0:04 Carriage Chairs- either as a full carriage- smaller, or a two-piece like Galleon Bow Chair
  • Room:
    • 1:01 Room, could be used as a special prize.
    • 0:04 An outside version of the mansion, at nighttime. or from daytime to nighttime
Other Winter Holidays(adding to):
  • Outfits
    • Pink nose (under misc)
    • Hot Cocoa misc item; held in avatars hand (possible steam coming off from)
  • Furniture:
    • Hot Cocoa Machine, like the water dispenser
    • Hot Cocoa item (like burger or apple)
    • Yule Log in Fireplace, crackles like actual logs, like yule log screensavers. (would be nice to match up with a hot cocoa item, or stockings, or pine cones)--as separate items.*
    • Small simple incense stand, should have a smoky effect above coming from the incense
    • Mistletoe, Ivy, Pinecones Decor as (u) streamers.*
    • Red, Yellow, Orange Bunch of candles*
    • Green single candles
    • Yule Log (candles on it, with mistletoe and sprinkled with snow)*
  • Room:
These are all really good ideas! Some ideas of my own are
  • Outfits
    • Belle's Enchanted Christmas Dress
    • Mary Poppins Returns Costumes
    • Mickey/Minnie Gingerbread Ears
    • Minnie Holiday Wreath Ears
    • Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas Parade Outfits
    • Elf ears (possibly as a misc or hat)
    • Santa Beard
    • Ugly Christmas Sweaters
    • Matterhorn Yeti Mask or Ears
    • Anna and Elsa Frozen Adventure Dresses
    • Olaf Hat
    • Sven Antlers
    • Santa Duffy the Bear/ Shellie Christmas Hats
    • Fantasia 2000 Ballerina and Toy Soldier Outfits
    • Christmas Tree Wig
    • Mistletoe or Holly in hair
    • Christmas Angel Wings (misc)
    • Furcoats
    • Yeti Sweater
    • Various Flannel wear and PJ's
    • Christmas Onesies with the buttons on the butt
  • Magic
    • Roller Skating Magic
    • Rudolph Glowing Nose Magic
That's all I got for now, will update once I think of more


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These ideas are awesome!! Absolutely love the nutcracker and sugar plum fairy things. I was thinking of some ideas too:
  • Magic: Become a gingerbread man/woman
  • Furniture: Ghost of christmas past, present, future
  • Clothing: Santa sack full of gifts maybe as a misc item
I really love the OG Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas so I was looking for some cute inspo for clothing items from that movie since it's a classic <3 mickey christmas.jpg goofy tangled.jpg

I really love the idea of tangled lights as possibly a misc clothing item as well. Poor goofy haha. :)[DOUBLEPOST=1542355734][/DOUBLEPOST]bump! <3
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