iglovedisney's (non-game) Rooms

Lazy River Lounge is a tropical hang out where you can swim, chat, trade, and even dine at the swim up bar. But careful when taking the waterslide teleporter, you may end up lost at sea and stranded on a deserted island! This room is also transformed into my Slide & Dine game room.
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Lost At Sea is the room that the water slide teleporter leads you to. This room is also transformed into my Lost At Sea game room which is a twist on the classic Falling Chairs.

Deserted Island is where you will get stranded if you take the secret slide through the waterfalls. This room is the end of my "multi room" guest room I created summer of 2020 with all of the Moana Maze items.

Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlor is a recreation of my favorite last stop shop on Main Street. Not only is the place named after me....or so I like to think.... but it has the most delicious ice cream and always smells of waffle cones. I decorate the parlor according to the season just as Disneyland would. As you can see the parlor is currently decorated for the fall season. This room is used to hangout, chat, trade, be afk...really whatever your heart desires!
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Treehouse Trades & Auctions is my auction room based in the bayou. Auctioning may be done in the treehouse, just take the ride starter on the right of the treehouse to get in line. The ride will take you up into the treehouse where you see me in this photo. Then take the ride starter in the treehouse to exit and trade your highest bidder! Backdoor: Steamboat Station
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Steamboat Station Just a room to use as a backdoor for the Treehouse Trades & Actions room. Sometimes is used for storage or sales.
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