Important BGR Update!

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Important Update regarding all BGR submissions!

Starting this month the award process for Best Guest/Game Rooms as well as Best Guest Multi-Rooms will be changing. Below we have outlined some important information regarding these changes, as well as some reminders about some of the general rules for submissions.

1. Winners from each category will now only be chosen every THREE months. This means that Best Guest, Best Game, and Best Guest Multi-Room winners will be announced only in January, April, July, and October. We are hoping this will increase the quality and number of submissions while giving players ample time to design and edit their rooms! This means that submissions for ALL categories will be due on March 28th, June 28th, September 28th, and December 28th at 11:59pm Eastern Time.

2. At this time, BGR winners will still receive 10,000 credits, a Castle Suite Guest Room pin with furniture, a Guest Room Award pin, and a Club 33 party.

3. You may only win within the same category only ONCE in a six month period. You may win Best Guest Room in January; however, you will only be eligible again for Best Guest Room in July. This also means that players can also submit for multiple categories within the same submission period as long as they are eligible! For example, you may win both Best Guest Room and Best Multi-Room in October as long as you didn’t win in either of those categories in July.

4. VMK Anniversary rooms with unlimited OG furniture (sold originally in Summer 2018) will never be eligible for any BGR category. Any submissions using these rooms will be disqualified.

5. Players may only complete one submission for each category. If you submit a room and then submit another room at a later time within the same category, only the most recent submission will be considered. This means that if you submit your room in January but make edits to it in February, you can resubmit the edited room. You may submit for every category as long as you are eligible!

6. Rooms that have already won a BGR award as well as any rooms submitted for previous room competitions (i.e. seasonal ride competitions) are not eligible for resubmission.

Please note that the rules regarding room submissions may be changed at any time. We will always be sure to communicate any changes through forums, Discord, and Twitter. If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know and we will address them as soon as possible!
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