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For a long time now I've wanted to implement a marketplace into the game where you list items for sale for an amount of credits and people can buy them. It'd have a search feature, and you can list things in there indefinitely and forget about them until they get bought if you like!

It'd be a good way to save time hunting for older items (such as rugs that you might need a ton of), as well as make trading easier in a lot of cases.

I love this idea! I believe it would help a lot of people obtain items they wanted much easier than the current way of seeking a single item out in game or on forums. It would also be something that could help new players see what clothing, furniture, pins are avaible via trade on myvmk, sort of like a catalog!
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I often find that in forums, posters just include long lists of things they're selling. Many newer players don't know what certain items look like, and want to see it in person before making an offer. Implementing this would definitely eliminate that whole process and make it a lot easier!

Edit: if this were implemented, would you include a bidding feature? Similar to ebay, where you have x amount of hours/days to bid? If so, I think it would definitely kill forums a fair amount.
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I loveloveLOVE this idea! I’ve always wanted something like this and never thought it’d be possible, but I’m so glad to see that it could actually be implemented!

I feel as if a lot of players want to sell items but are sometimes too lazy to make a thread or advertise about it (me included), and as a player who is always looking for old items as well, this will definitely be useful and save a lot of time!
I would love to have this feature!! It would also be cool if we could add filters based on categories. For example, someone could look only at the clothes that are for sale or only the pins that are for sale. Don't know if that is possible, but either way I think a marketplace would be awesome :)
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I absolutely love this idea it's going to make looking for older furniture/pins so much easier and will hopefully make items disappearing into people's invetorys a thing of the past. But please don't let people auction things through the market place, auction rooms are important to figuring out prices imo and a nice place to meet and talk to other people.
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Yes, this would be a neat idea.

As an add-on to this, how about making it so all transactions done on this marketplace are available to the public? It'd be neat to go through the data on whats selling and for how much. Would give us a real idea of values as well.

Also, possible auction feature in this system? Don't know if that would be popular or not, but I think it could be good.


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Yes yes yes! I think it would be more efficient than combing through the forums. But I'd still come here and see if things are cheaper/less expensive, y'know?


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Overall I think it could potentially be a great added feature to the game. The initial concerns that come to mind are:

1. The transparency of transactions. If the plan would be have the buyer/seller viewable?? (I believe they should be in this setup.)

2. A system of this nature could lead to price manipulation by a player/players. What safeguards, if any, would be put in place?? Taxing sales could be a deterrent to preventing such activity.

3. The need for prompts to confirm the asking price. Would be an awful feeling if someone were to typo a high priced item, only to have it snapped up right away. (Hoping this was already in the works.)

I love the idea of a marketplace and believe it has great promise. As long as it's well thought out and implemented. Creating this thread regarding it will contribute to ensure that it will be, thank you.


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I love this idea! It would cut all the hassle of reading pages and pages on forums about items that people are selling but forgot about or sold but you couldnt tell because it was on page 500 and it would cut down on the hassle of trying to meet up with that person. I don't think there should be an auction button or bidding button - that should be done through forums or in game through auctions rooms etc.


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yes please! and some of the other suggestions in the comments are great too and would like to see some of them implemented in the marketplace :)