In the billiards room (rules)


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Welcome… Welcome… Step into the room. The Director chairs if you would. 4 at a time… Dress as the color in which your seat it. Disregard the color of the music note pad. The chair...
Welcome You who are reading this must be the new guests mhm… If not please disregard this message. You never read this… Or else. Anyways, welcome to the Scarlet Mansion. I am Elizabeth Scarlet; daughter of the pristine Chad Scarlet, owner of the mansion. You do know this wasn't just a dinner party, don’t you? Oh my, no? Well, amongst you is a murderer… The same one that murdered my father. You are ALL suspects. Even if you are still reading this peers… But all who enter the manor go on quite the journey. I have the data in my hand who is the murderer. I will trade you and give you your role. There are INNOCENTS and one MURDERER. It is up to you to find the murderer. You all must agree by the end of the night, whom he/she is and well you all split 10,000 dollars. 2.5k per folk. A penny to me. And if the murderer wins, well he wins all. I will narrate in the command of !me. (Bold) And give you places in the house you must go. During the 1 minute you are in each room you can ask a yes or no question to each other. ONLY yes or no questions. At the end of each room you will be asked to report to your original seat. At the end of the night you will decide with each other who the murderer is. Keep up a good act; or get caught…. Did I mention they have their weapon with them? Ah yes… Do NOT let things get out of hand… I do have one too you know.
GOOD LUCK, You'll need it.
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