Is anyone else having troubl getting on?


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I am using Myvmkpal and it acts like it is loading however after the Fantasy land opening page it keeps redirecting and redirecting. I have tried for hours and it never opens. Is anyone else having this problem?
I am having the same issue (as well as Bernardo_s_Rocks) the past month on a weekly basis. I am also using Myvmkpal. Every time the game is rebooted for whatever reason, I load into map and continue to redirect over and over. I have observed that the problem doesn't go away until the game is rebooted again. What is incomprehensible to me is that clone can get in but not my main account. I have sent several emails to staff and the only thing i was told to do was to clean cache and to clear something else from the command prompt but nothing seems to work.

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Thank you for replying to this thread. I was feeling alone in this continuous twister. So you think that all we can do is to wait for the staff to reboot the game?
After weeks experiencing this issue, seems to be the only thing that solves the problem for me until the game is rebooted again and the redirecting once again commences. I just wish staff will fix it permanently.


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I just wonder what their limitations and challenges are in this ever changing world of technology with updating our childhood old tech.


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omg i thought this was just me. i have been stuck on fantasyland load page for weeks. it takes forever and then it re-directs and fails.

edit: this also happens to me on firefox 53.2 esr or whatever that other thread said to download. i log on, it goes through fantasyland for like 12-15 mins, then it loads furniture and crashes. and loops.
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I keep having this issue on and off. I won’t be able to sign on for 12 hours, then all of a sudden, poof I can for about 45 mins. Then I can’t for another day or so. It’s weird.

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Thank you Saturn and PixieLizzyA for answering. I just kept thinking that I was troubleshooting incorrectly. Let me know if you find anything out :)


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Hi! I'm a new user. I never got to play because I keep DCing after loading furniture data. Has this been fixed? I'm also using myVMKpal.