issues with Trivia?


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Hi everyone!

I've noticed in the past few months, we haven't had a forums trivia or one of those mini-credit lotteries. Even though it was a tiny part of forums, I kind of miss it. Is there any way staff can bring it back? Or let us know why it was suddenly dropped? :sleep: thanks <3 @VMK_HeiHei @VMK_Perdita @VMK_Oogie


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Since the forums newsletter is VMK_Oogie's new promotional newsletter, we have moved all of these features to the newsletter on the homepage. The only differences now are 1. you now submit through google forms - not email, and 2. the award for trivia is now the in-game pin. :halcyon:


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oh yay that’s great!! glad there was another way it could be incorporated!! thank you — I totally would’ve missed it on the newsletter.


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bumping this. I'm bummed that even though trivia was moved to the newsletter, the questions/answers/winners haven't been updated in weeks. ):
bump. the current push’s trivia has the incorrect question on the google poll.

just wanted to make sure all of the polls were updated before I submit my answers (: