Item suggestion: NPC


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The ride-a-thons and some other events feature "characters" that look just like VMK player sprites, but are not actually players or staff. I think it would be neat to be able to put these in our rooms! I actually envision two different versions:

Basic: A mannequin, more or less--it can be customized the same way as your player sprite and dressed in clothing that you have in inventory, but does not have a name or speak. This version would be especially good for when people want to sell clothing--they can put it in a sale room, wearing the items that are up for sale.

Deluxe: As above, but you also name it (and the name shows up when clicked, just like a player) and can assign up to five "quotes" that it will "say" randomly a la Ned-on-a-stick. More like a character in that regard.

Both types would interact with furni the same way as a player sprite--standing normally, sitting when placed on top of a chair item, and could also be put on a ride--imagine setting up a short loop of track in a ride room and having pretend animatronics that cycle around! I also envision both types resetting to "blank" when removed and put back in inventory so they can be re-used.