Jungle Cruise Tips?

Hey guys so I've noticed that some of the top players for JC are getting around 45,000 points in the game. How is it possible to do such a thing? I always end up with like... 31,000. Help? haha.


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On the new randomness in JC, I only average about 38k a game, where I used to get about 42k. However, I'm not sure how to reiterate how to get high scores. I just click on an animal when it pops up and hope for the best really. However, I do know that you're supposed to aim for the middle of the animals bodies when they pop up. That's how you get flawless. To get awesome, you have to almost click the animal before it finishes popping up. Good luck to you, and I hope someone has better insight than me :p

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It's a bit more difficult since they randomized the order of the animals ._. Be fast, and aim for the center of the animals. You'll get better the more you play.