leah's gifs & avis [closed]


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you're too sweet :swoon:

@everyone hello i am so sorry for not getting to these in awhile! i've been working on personal projects ever since i graduated last month so i didn't get a great chance to get to this thread.

unfortunately i will no longer be taking new requests after this post.

to gauge interest in those who are on my to-do list and would still like me to draw them (those who have put in a request more than a month ago), please message me on discord at lia#8888 since i haven't been checking forums as frequently as before. if you don't have discord i'll try to check here on occasion but discord gets to me faster! i'll make a new list and go from there whenever i have free time to draw! you'll be getting something in the style of what you see in my signature as i keep changing my techniques. thank you :^)
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