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sup vmk!

welcome to my revamped art thread. you may or may not be familiar with my old art thread that i had open roughly for two years and closed last year due to time constraints. i took a hiatus from drawing for awhile and now that i've gotten back into a drawing mood, i've opened up a new art thread to start fresh.

i only have so many outfits that i could draw from myself, so i'm looking for more people who are down to be drawn. if you'd like, just drop your avatar in this thread/msg me on discord at lia#8888 and i'll get to it whenever i can for days when i have time to draw. a couple of disclaimers though:

1. i am but a hobbyist drawer. therefore i am very experimental with what i draw currently as i try to find my unique style
2. i'm in grad school so i apologize if it takes awhile to get you drawn
3. all hail big yellow! castle fireworks remixed is the best game in vmk

that's it! i hope to draw you soon :^)

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Princess Nicole
i <3 my leah drawing so much it's so CUTE