leah's lil avis 2.0


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sup vmk!

welcome to my revamped art thread. you may or may not be familiar with my old art thread that i had open roughly for two years and closed a short while ago due to time constraints. well unbeknownst to me at the time i would turn to drawing during my free time anyways, and when i did have time to draw i really enjoyed drawing the different styles of the people of vmk. the main purposes of this thread are to pretty much keep track of everything i draw going forward (i have 0 space on my laptop) and help me practice digital drawing more.

with that said, we are back in business baybe! if you'd like to be drawn, just drop your avatar in this thread/msg me on discord and i'll get to it whenever i can for days when i have time to draw. a couple of disclaimers though:

1. i am but a hobbyist drawer. therefore i am very inconsistent with what i draw but i try my darndest to make it look good
2. i'm in grad school rn so i apologize if it takes me awhile to draw you
3. all hail big yellow

that's it! i hope to procrastinate on work i have to do draw you soon :^)