Lf items

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Items most wanted top to bottom: (Red is most important)
idk values of:
host halloween pins: boogie, hades, headless horseman, hitchhiking ghost
Halloween refreshment room

Mickey cherry pin
black rope divider
Unopened pink/blue/green crates (unless pink/blue look the same opened as unopened)

later wants:
-red minnie hat

-Spiderweb leggings (250k)
-Sparrow ears
-Skull beanie
-valentine beanie
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im gonna need you to either tag me in this post or reply, because i won't get a notification that you commented on this. I will try to get on today but will be studying for my finals, so it would help a lot if i get a notification from you. thank you.
I have a final in 2 hours! I can get on right now. I don't have a certain time I can get on due to my exam being in a 3 hour time block
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