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I am Trading Credits
Open to buying individual items, just lmk!
Anna Coronation (shoes)
Belle - Pink Winter Dress (bow, top, skirt)
Elsa Coronation (crown, top)
Elsa Winter (top, shoes)
Jasmine - Teal Set (top w/belt, pants)
Kida (necklace)
Lilo (headband)
Merida (arrow through head)
Moana (headband, top, skirt)
Rapunzel (crown)
Blue Princess (top, skirt, shoes)

Queen of Hearts (top, skirt, shoes)
Space Pants (pink, blue, yellow, purple)
Ursula (top, bottom)
If you have any and are looking to sell, please comment below or send me a PM with the price. Any questions just ask! Thank you (:
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To clarify: I DO NOT have these items, I am LOOKING FOR these items
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You need Ray? I have him for 4k. I also have sofia. I think I priced her dress at 6k but I'd need to check. AAAAAnd as I look I have Ariel's hairpin for 3k I believe


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Hey girl! I don't have the full outfit, but I do have the OG blue princess slippers if you're looking to purchase any separates. No worries if you'd rather wait for the set :)


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i'm fine with just buying the slippers, I'll be in emporium. if you can't meet now, just let me know when you're available and i'll try to meet up with you (:
Ah sorry I missed you!! I can hop on later today! Feel free to PM me or something and we can plan a time. Do you know how much you'd want to purchase them for? Just let me know! :)
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