Looking For Some Items (and trading a few things) :)

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Hi all! :wave: Please let me know which items you're trading and how many credits you're asking for each. I also have a few clothing/pins/furni for sale (but nothing too rare), so let me know if you happen to be looking for something in particular. :)

Ellie's Overall Top - 40k
Luke's Milk Bottle - 5k
Mardi Gras Beads - Green - 20k
Minnie Candy Ears (2020 Halloween Crates) - 5k

1- Sanderson Sisters - 5k
2- Villaintines - Sid - 3k each

Ned on a Stick - 10k
Hello! See my prices in the quote above


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Hi all! :wave: Please let me know which items you're trading and how many credits you're asking for each. :)

Spirit Jersey - Epcot
Olaf Backpack
Christmas Mickey Backpack
Baseball Cap - Ariel
Zero Sweater
White Wildcat Sneakers
Fawn Face
Red Princess Jasmine Top
Elsa's Winter Skirt
Wigs (not sure exactly which ones I'm missing so please list the ones that you have)
Skeleton Leggings
Sunflower Crown (pic attached below)
Host Ghost Shoulder Pet
Holdable Candy Cane/Peppermint Stick
Holdable Witch Broom

Bat Backpack

1- Mickey - Sheet Ghost
3- Sanderson Sisters
1- Stained Glass Window - Merida
3- Villaintines - Sid
2- Mickey Head - Pumpkin
1- Spooky - Mickey
4- Minnie - Witch Hat
4- Nightmare Before Christmas - Pluto
1- Mickey Rose Red
1- Pluto Lightbulb
5- Halloween - 2015
1- Autumn Leaves - Lady
1- Autumn Leaves - Perdita
2- Pocahontas 24th Anniversary
4- Ghostly Mickey Pin
4- Ghostly Minnie Pin
5- Autumn Ariel Pin

Ride Track Slow
Trophy - Mansion Ghost (purple/pink color)
Red Maple Leaf Carpet (I believe I've seen this in-game haha? I need a solid red one, not orange)
Red Maple Leaf Tree (This exists, I think? Lol)

Binx Shoulder Pet
Candy Corn Cat Ears
Oogie Boogie Mask
Skeleton Shirt - Green
Trick or Treat Pail

Candy - Sour
Duet Villains - Hades
Haunted Mansion 50th Anniversary
Hocus Pocus Spelltacular Pin
NBC Portrait - Oogie
Oogie Boogie Moon
Pumpkin Jack Skellington Pin
Pumpkin Mickey Pin
Pumpkin Pooh Pin
Pumpkin Tinker Bell Pin
Pumpkin Woody Pin
Twitches Amulet - Moon
Spooky - Mickey
Sugar Skull - Facilier
Sugar Skull - Hades
Sugar Skull - Maleficent

Hay Bale 1x2
Main Street Jack Lamp
Pumpkin Dining Chair
Pumpkin Dining Table
Pumpkin Side Table
Red Headphone
Spider Web Rug
Spooky Stained Glass Window
Spooky Sunset Wall Flat (full set of 5)
Zero's Gift

Thank you! :hearts:
Do you still need the Host Ghost Shoulder pet?
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