Lotso/ Sully Onesie Question

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Does anyone happen to know the value associated with the Lotso/ Sully Onesies?

Looking for values on the pants/ tops, and is there a mask and shoes to it too? Any help would be much appreciated!


The Real Fakes of Calabasas
Lotso Onesie is around 50k for the whole outfit. Sully Sells for about 30k.

In each set there is a Hood, Top, Pants, and Shoes. Hope this helps :)
Full Sully includes a Hood, Shirt, Pants, and Shoes!
Full Lotso includes the same, a hood, shirt, pants and shoes!
I paid aproximately 20k per part for both sets, however price generally varies and it can be difficult to build a full set. It took me a few weeks to complete Sully, and maybe a month or two to find all of Lotso!

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