LVL UP GRAND OPENING !!Win 15k+!! June game calander +more!

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Many of you have already played! I've already given out over 50k in one day! Don't Miss out on your opportunity to be a part of the fun! I am bringing a safari theme to the room in honor of this months theme along with some SPECIAL TWISTS on the regular game! Heres how you play:

When its your turn to enter the playing area, move up to the first spinner
You will need to achieve a certain additive score for each level to LVL UP to the next floor

Standard Game Rules

Level 1(one spinner)- 4 or higher
Level 2(two spinners)- 8 or higher
Level 3(three spinners)- 12 or higher
Level 4(gold spinner [1])- PRIZE: CHOOSE either to get 1k times your spin -OR- before you spin guess your number. If you guess correctly- WIN 15k!


My favorite part of the game is the people! The support everyone shows as this fast paced and chance game runs is amazing! Come support your friends are possibly win thousands of credits! Its fun- and fast! The line moves quickly and gives everyone an opportunity to play!

As we push to win best game room, I will be hosting special events each Friday. This may be that you have an opportunity to earn an extra life by guessing your number on a spinner before level 1. It may be an increase to a 20k prize. Diffrent number requirements to make it harder/easier. WHO KNOWS!

Like I said I've already hosted this game several times and given out over 50k in just one hosting event. Don't miss your chance to feel like a superstar standing up top on Level 4! Will you LVL up?

Follow this thread and leave your ideas or support below! I will be making modifications to the room and to the game throughout the month of June!

Hope to see you there!
-Young Metro

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What has changed:

Line has been extended behind the stage and a BACKDOOR has been added to accommodate for a que!

The room has been decorated for this months theme and is now called LVL UP - Animal Edition
The prize is now 15k BUT
You must choose to go for 15k or to get 1k times spin

New game play rules may be implemented if i feel it will help me to sustain my game throughout the month of June!
Good luck and I hope to see someone win the 15k!
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Thank you everyone for their kind words <3 Just finished the special event today. There was an opputninity to guess your number on a green spinner before your startered. If you guessed right you went through the course with an extra life! Prize was also increased to 20k for this special event! 2 grand winners at 20k each!! along with a handful who got some 1-6k prizes :) Hope to see you all Wednesday for some more LVL UP! WOOO
By far the most fun game ive ever played that was made by a player!

Easy to understand, fast enough so everyone gets a chance to play, a thrilling choice at the end, all around amazing, creative, and fun game for anyone to play!

Last night was my first time playing and i will deff be trying my hardest to make the rest of them! Even if you dont win its just a fun game (:

Amazing job @Young_Metro2
This wasn't best game room for the Summer newsletter, but for a lot of us this was the BEST game room! It was organized with a whole calendar. People always showed up even resulting in a large queue! Not only was this the best game room, it was also the best promoted game room with a super great host! Thank you for your efforts in keeping us all entertained! :)
I know how much time and effort went into creating this game. I appreciate all Young_Metro did to keep a consistent hosting schedule and constantly add modifications to keep the game exciting and engaging. LVL UP had a solid fan base that made coming to play every time a great experience! Thanks for hosting in June!! It was a blast!