Main Street Magic Shop - Checkers!

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Main Street Magic Shop - Checkers!

The Main Street Magic Shop Checkers Game is finally here!
Around midnight EST we will have the grand opening! But first, read up on how to play and learn about some future updates!

The basics:

Checkers is a two player game of strategy. The object of the game is to capture all of your opponent's checkers.
You can also win the game by forcing your opponent to surrender, by keeping them from making a move. If the game continues for too long without a player taking an opponent's checker, the game will be considered a draw and no points are awarded to either player.


The first player moves one of their checkers forward diagonally onto an open square. After the first player's turn is complete, the opponent will move one checker, one square forward, diagonally as well.


Single Jumps
You can capture (or jump) your opponent's checker if their checker is in a square next to and directly diagonal to your own checker. Of course there must be a open square on the other side for your checker to land after you jumped your opponents checker.
Only one checker may be captured in a single jump. You can capture multiple checkers with linked jumps or when you're using a Magic Hat checker or Checkers Magic Trick.

Multiple Jumps
After you complete a jump, you can complete additional jumps on the same turn if you are in position to do so.

Multiple jumps can be made in a single turn, under the right circumstances.

What's a Magic Hat checker?

Magic Hats are what "kings" are called in Magic Shop Checkers. Kings are the only pieces that can move forward and backwards. Magic Hats can do the same thing, however, unlike the traditional game of checkers, Magic Hats get two separate moves per turn.

If you decide you don't want to use your second move, after your first move a button will appear at the top of the scoreboard that will allow you to skip the second move.

Magic Hats ("Kings") can:
  • Move two squares (so long as they don't return to the square they left from).
  • Move one square and jump (including multiple jumps).
  • Jump (including multiple jumps) and then move.
  • Not use Magic Tricks.
When moving a Magic Hat, a button will appear at the top of the scoreboard that will allow you to skip making a second move.

How do I get a Magic Hat checker?
When you have successfully moved one of your checkers to the last row of the board on your opponent's side of the playing field, your checker will become a Magic Hat, otherwise known as a King.

Where do I go to play Magic Shop Checkers?
To play Magic Shop Checkers, go to the Main Street Magic Shop located on Main Street!
You can also access the Magic Shop from the VMK World Map.

Does it cost anything to play Magic Shop Checkers?
It's free to play Magic Shop Checkers. However, if you want to use Checkers Magic Tricks while playing the game, you will need to purchase the Checkers Magic Tricks from the Magic Shop before you start playing.

Is there a time limit to make a move?
Each player has 30 seconds to complete their turn, which includes making a move, using a Trick, or both. If you don't make a move within that time, you lose your turn.

Can I play Magic Shop Checkers by myself or against the computer?
VMK is about community and we want to encourage you to play games with others. So in order to play Magic Shop Checkers, you must play against a friend or another player.

What is the Magic Shop Checkers Pin?
The Magic Shop Checkers Pin is different from the Magic Shop Checkers Magic Trick pins. After you have completed your first game of Magic Shop Checkers, you will be given the Magic Shop Checkers Pin.
Once you get a pin for playing, the pin is used to challenge other players and track player's progress, so the pin can't be traded.

How do I invite someone to play? [COMING SOON!]
There will be a new button on lanyards! If you click on someone, you will find a blue "Invite" button on their lanyard! Here, you can invited them to a game. If they accept, both members will be teleported to the game lobby.

Can I just watch someone play?
To watch a game, click on "Now Playing" in the poster on the wall of the Magic Shop. Now select a room from the list of matches currently in progress. Click "GO WATCH GAME" and you will be placed in a room as a spectator.

What are Magic Shop Checkers Tricks?
Magic Shop Checkers Tricks are special moves that you can use to increase your chances of winning while playing Magic Shop Checkers. But use these tricks carefully, because you can only use 8 tricks per game! Magic Shop Checkers Magic Tricks cannot be used outside of Magic Shop Checkers.

Where do I get Magic Shop Checkers Tricks?
Magic Shop Checkers Tricks are available for purchase in the Magic Shop.

What are the different kinds of Magic Shop Checkers Tricks and how do you use them?

Sleight of Hand
When you use this trick, you can select one of your checkers and swap places with one of your opponent's checkers. Your checker must be next to your opponent's checker for this trick to work.
When it's your turn, activate Sleight of Hand by double clicking on it in the Lanyard Pin menu. Select one of your checkers to perform the trick. Now select your opponent's checker and viola! The checkers will magically swap places! And your turn ends.

This trick will give one of your checkers the ability to jump two of your opponent's checkers, provided there is a square to land on the other side.
When it's your turn, activate Levitation by double clicking on it in the Lanyard Pin menu. Select one of your checkers to perform the trick, remember two of your opponent's checkers must be next to the checker performing the trick. Now select the empty space on the opposite side of your opponent's two checkers. Watch in amazement as your checker floats over both of your opponent's checker and captures them!



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Waiting in the magic shop now! So excited!!!

EDIT: I finished a game but didn't receive a pin in my inventory was I supposed to?
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