Missing ghost magic


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Hi! So a while back, I was messaging someone on forums. They wanted to buy a ghost magic from me for 20k. So they sent me the credits in a gift box and I sent them the magic, but I sent it to their forums name. Turns out their in-game name is different, so the magic I had sent was no longer in my inventory but it wasn't in theirs either. Luckily, I had an extra to give them and we finished our trade, but I would love to have my first ghost magic back! I sent a Call For Help in-game, a message through "Contact Us" on the homepage, and even PM'd @HOST_Nala on forums, but I didn't get a response from any of those. It's been months and I figured it was no use in trying to get my magic back until someone suggested making a thread here. I'm hoping someone will respond this time!