mmm nope

Hey Rosey!
I'm glad my poem inspired you! I hope you're doing alright and whatever you're going through remember you are strong and amazing!
My poem was about my very recent abortion my husband and I went through hence the:
"We made that promise
We just want to be better
Be stronger
Be wiser
I think about you a lot
All those laughter and cries
You will be mine
So I'm sorry
Because sometimes I love you isn't enough"
The laughter and cries part is about hearing children around me every day reminding me of what could have been.
If you read the part of "Someone told me to throw away your picture" it was the sonogram.
If you need to vent or talk to someone, I'm here to listen. Sending good vibes to you.
aww im sorry to hear. i'm decent. the blue was my recent break up from a long term relationship due to cheating,.i still dont know why it happened but it's whatever
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