month theme ideas


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So I've recently been having all these super weird ideas for really fun monthly themes, and I just wanted to share them to see if anyone else thought they were any good lol.
  • broadway month (different plays and musicals, could have Disney and non-Disney elements)
  • sparkle/glow/lights month (with a bunch of glowing and glittering stuff... idk it was an idea)
  • luau theme (idk, could be fun for summer)
  • after-hours month (could be all night themed? lol)
  • wonderland month (Alice in Wonderland themed stuff... idk)
  • opening day month (where we make it all retro, like the 50s for half the month for Disneyland and 70s for WDW)
  • forgotten films month (based on all those Disney movies people forget about, like Atlantis, Meet the Robinsons, the Emporer's New Groove, etc)
  • magic month (think Harry Potter-esque, but with a Disney touch lol)
  • red carpet month (all fancy with lots of lights and maybe utilizing the Sci-Fi Dine-In area...?)
  • candy/sugar month (everything released would be all candy or dessert-themed)
That's all of them that I could remember, but if anyone else has any ideas, feel free to add them.