Music Video Throwback 2022: It’s a Wrap!


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jake and haley mv throwback 2.png

Our throwback month has come to end, which means it’s time to show off some of the awesome music videos that were submitted!

Before I flaunt the videos that you guys were okay with me sharing, I just want to start out by personally thanking everyone who participated! These videos were SO great to watch and it was fun to see everyone’s spin on the guidelines! Hopefully sometime in the future we can do another fun video project so that everyone can show off their editing skills even more!

As for this event, since this wasn’t a competition, everyone who submitted an approved music video will be receiving the prizes! I was super lenient this time around in terms of the rules, allowing some extra wiggle room of about 10 seconds due to popular request. I also ended up not counting credits towards the overall video duration (if it brought the time too far over) so that the submissions could fall within the proper range!

Now, let’s show off the prizes!

music video prizes.png

A commemorative Retro Video Award Pin made by yours truly, a Retro Camera made by the amazing GA_Scrump, and a Film Reel Backpack made by the beautiful GA_Merida! A big thank you to these GA ladies for taking the time to make prizes!

Without further ado, in no particular order, some of your submissions!
Due to some some issues with uploading to other sites, you'll have to click the link to each to watch on google drive. So sorry if it's inconvenient! :(