My Chemical Romance?


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Does anyone listen to MCR? What are your favorite albums/songs?
My favorite albums by them are The Black Parade and Danger Days.

My favorite songs are: Helena, I'm Not Okay, The Ghost of You, Dead!, The Sharpest Lives, Welcome to the Black Parade, Mama, Teenagers, Famous Last Words, Na Na Na, Bulletproof Heart, Planetary, Party Poison, S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W and Destroya.


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I used to listen to MCR. I totally cried when they broke up too :cry:
The first songs I heard by them was Famous Last Words. My favorite of their songs is Disenchanted, and their best album imo is The Black Parade or Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge :twist:
I cried and went through one of the worst periods of my life when they broke up. At the same time I also found @PrincessPetra through being in the fandom. So without them I would've never found her <3 I went to their last concerts during Danger Days and had the spider tote signed by all the member <3
I used to listen to MCR in high school. Favorite songs were Early Sunsets Over Monroeville and I Don't Love You. Favorite album would have to be Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge.


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Aren't they doing an anniversary album or something soon? Like a re-release of The Black Parade?
Yes they will be doing a 10th anniversary re-release of The Black Parade with the original songs restored and also a few bonus previously unreleased demos called Living With Ghosts. They released the demo for The Black Parade already called the Five of Us are Dying.