My Personal Tsum Tsum Pin Hunt

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hihi!! im almost done with my whole tsum tsum pin collection and i just need a few more!! might not have enough creds but PM me on disc pls bc i rarely check forums:626::trade:

looking for the following TSUM TSUM pins:

Tsum Tsum - Baby Pegasi
-Tsum Tsum - Chernabog
-Tsum Tsum - Copper
-Tsum Tsum - Darth Vader
-Tsum Tsum - Dodger
-Tsum Tsum - Gurgi
-Tsum Tsum - Lady
-Tsum Tsum - Marie
-Tsum Tsum - Max
-Tsum Tsum - Mike
-Tsum Tsum - Powerline
-Tsum Tsum - Remy
-Tsum Tsum - Sorcerer Mickey
-Tsum Tsum - Storm Trooper
-Tsum Tsum - Tramp
-Tsum Tsum - Zeus
-Tsum Tsum Animals - Dumbo
-Tsum Tsum Animals - Pascal
-Tsum Tsum Animals - Scar
-Tsum Tsum Mansion - Ezra
-Tsum Tsum Mansion - Gus
-Tsum Tsum Mansion - Leota
-Tsum Tsum Mansion - Mickey
-Tsum Tsum Mansion - Minnie
-Tsum Tsum Mansion - Phineas
-Tsum Tsum Pirate - Angel
-Tsum Tsum Pirate - Stitch

ty to the ones helping me with the hunt & value checks:hearts:
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