My Real Life Disneyland Pin And Disney Memorabilia Collection.

View attachment 16713 View attachment 16714 View attachment 16715 View attachment 16716 View attachment 16717 View attachment 16718 View attachment 16719 View attachment 16720 View attachment 16721 View attachment 16722 I wouldn’t even know where to start with memorabilia as its everywhere. But pins! Oh I love pins! These are my keepers I have several books of traders. My IG pinstagram account is: DisneyMom524Pins that where I do most of my pintrading, yes online lol.

WOAH @DisneyMom524 !! Your pin collection is AMAZING. I loved the Sundae Series!!


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As a quarantine activity, I got some shadow boxes to make nicer displays of my pins. Some of the things I collect are Minnie Mouse pins, and Skottie Young pins from San Diego Comic-Con, so these are those two collections (actually I have a bunch more Skottie Young pins, but these are my favorites).

IMG_4462.jpg IMG_4475.jpg
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