My story-like dream I had today

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    I had a dream that wasn't like a normal dream O.o
    It wasn't like I was doing anything. It was more like I was watching some sort of 2D TV show, or Anime. I know sometimes I think it would be nice to be able to write a story, but it makes no sense why I would have this dream. o_o

    The last thing I remember is these people were near an edge of this place which had cliff practically all around it. (on the inside) there was one person which was helping this (kind of mean lol) person get out on what looked like some sort of crappy small boat... and he went out on what appeared to be some sort of really flat wood thing. Then they headed to a place by sailing in the water with those things to a place that looked like some sort of stone structure... Then they went inside and talked to some person, and there were some people who had a bunch of small red dots on them O__O then these bad guys (not human, more like pseudo-undead things, wearing robes) came and attacked them with magic (since I seem to want to come up with stories that relate to magic) to attack them. They were fighting, and one of the good guys started to break a wood beam below the stone structure somewhere, and once it broke, this land beyond it was revealed, kind of like a portal opened (Again this is supposed to be a land with magic and stuff) and there were these fighters dressed in light, white-colored armor (some were women some were men), and they were fighting the pseudo-undead with REALLY strong WHITE magic which was making them disappear, then the screen panned over a whole lot of pseudo-undead vanishing then it panned to the leader, which was a woman, which had a staff and same type of armor as the rest, with the LEADER of the pseudo-undead behind her with red lightning-like aura on him, with his hands flat, fingers-upward, and arms forward, (like casting a spell) which consumed (not ate consumed, more like absorbed with magic consumed) her in some way that let him steal her power, and he stole her staff too like it was really powerful, and she just disappeared o_o then he like had a whole lot of power and stuff, then I woke up fr om this crazy weird story dream. O__________O
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    that sounds like the preview trailer for a sweet mmorpg or a movie

    you should work for a video game company or make a movie about that!