MyVMK Digital Arts Festival Part 2: Design-a-Pin

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Welcome guests to our MyVMK Art Festival, where we want to see all those incredible talents of yours put to the test!

We want to incorporate the celebrations of the arts into the game, so we decided to create TWO contests that are open to the public until January 31st.


We totally get it.. it may not be your style to create your own MyVMK Logo. It's okay! How about we try this: Let's celebrate the arts by creating your own in-game PIN! Design whatever (Disney-related) gorgeous pin you'd like.

Printer Friendly Template

Rules of Designing:
•Make all designs as clear as possible
•Feel free to edit the template. The template is a guide, not a necessary shape.
•The pin does not have to be digital. You may use traditional methods to design the pin. Any submissions, if they win, may be remade to be put into the game and the winner will be contacted.
Do not include any animation, pins will be static.
•You are not limited to just any theme, other than Disney-related, so go wild!
•Be aware, due to time constraints and GA workload, prizes may not be completed & awarded until sometime in February or March
Do not include too many small details or patterns, as complex patterns can become complicated when translated into the game or not show up at all (remember pins usually small, so any small details will be lost). Example:

•No clip-art is permitted, you must design the pin.
•To qualify for participation, effort must be shown. No quick stick figures, scribbles, or anything showing no effort will qualify.
•If you have any questions, please feel free to DM @HOST_Ariel and they'll gladly help you out

Rules of Submission:
•When submitting, use your in-game name as DM’s name/subject
•Include your image in the post
•We would recommend using an image link vs uploading via forums
Some popular image hosting options: imgur, ImgBB, postimage, ImageShack, imgbox, etc...
Do not submit on this thread as it will result in disqualification
•Send your submissions to @HOST_Ariel
If you have any issues submitting, or any questions in general, feel free to DM @HOST_Ariel
•All submissions are due by January 31st, 2022 at 11:59 PM EST

We will do a voting style of top 10 chosen by staff, then guests will have the chance to pick the winner!

TIME TO GET ARTSY! All submissions MUST be through the forums. We will NOT accept any submissions via Discord, Twitter, e-mail, Instagram, or any forms of social media. Only ONE submission per player. No cloning allowed. Any players found cloning will be disqualified.


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Update regarding the contest, to remain as transparent as possible with the process:

•All submissions have now been collected.

•Staff vote will begin on Monday, February 7th, and last until Sunday, February 13th.

•Player voting should begin on Monday, February 14th, and last until Sunday, February 20th.

•The dates above are estimated dates. They may change around, but for the most part, are our current goals for pin voting.
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