MyVMK Forums Newsletter 4/30/2019

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New Releases
New Releases are being held in 'It's a Small World' Imports this week!

  • Blue Flats (525 c)
  • Egg - Air (52.5 k)
  • Egg - Dark (52.5 k)
  • Egg - Earth (52.5 k)
  • Egg - Fire (52.5 k)
  • Egg - Light (52.5 k)
  • Egg - Water (52.5 k)
  • Fairy Silvermist Shirt (525 c)
  • Fairy Silvermist Skirt (525 c)
  • Hidden Mickey Butterfly - Blue (525 c)


Pull this month's exclusive pins from the Sword in the Stone! For a chance to win, ride the rides in the Fantasyland Courtyard and you will have a chance at getting a Sword in the Stone pin! You can use this pin to have a chance at pulling the sword from the stone, and if you succeed, you will win one of these pins as a prize or some credits!

Pirates Treasure Chest Prizes
***POTC Keys will expire after 7 days of being in your inventory***

Monthly Notices

Gloria's Net Cart is located in Epcot this month!
HOST_Nala's Twitter post: We have more exciting plans for this months coming up, so to make room for that, the butterfly catching event will be ending on Easter! <3 Nala

Welcome our newest Promotional team member PROMO_Anna!
(with a reveal of our newest public room, Mickey's Courtyard!)

Welcome back our newest Moderator, VMK_Vader, formerly HOST_Vader!
Not open for further replies.