MyVMK Forums Newsletter 7/26/2019

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Events This Week

Events on this forum are subject to change throughout the week. For the most recent events you can check out our Social Media pages for any changes or additions! Events run on EST time.

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July 26
Pearl Poachers: 12 AM - 1 AM

July 27
Double Credits: 12 AM - 11:59 PM

July 29
Pearl Poachers: 12 AM - 1 AM

July 30
Down by the Boardwalk Pin Spectacular: 2:30 PM - 3:30 PM

July 31

Pearl Poachers: 12 AM - 1 AM

This week the winning prize is a Plush - Bear and the console prize is an Inside Out - Broccoli Pizza. Make sure you stay in the queue to get your very own Wall-E Pin!

New Releases

New Releases are being held in "It's a Small World" Imports this month!

  • Pinocchio Hat (1000 c)
  • Pinocchio Shorts (500 c)
  • Pinocchio Top (500 c)
  • Popcorn Balloon Stand (500 c)
  • Toy Story Bunny Hat (1000 c)


For a chance to win, ride the rides in the Fantasyland Courtyard to receive a Sword in the Stone pin! You can use this pin to have a chance at pulling the sword from the stone, and if you succeed, you will win one of these pins as a prize or some credits!

Pirates Treasure Chest Prizes
***POTC Keys will expire after 7 days of being in your inventory***

Crate Items
**Crates can be found in "It's a Small World" Imports for 1,500 credits per crate!**

While shopping at It’s a Small World Imports, make sure to check out our Pixar Crates! They are full of mystery goodies of all different rarities! Some crates may contain Pixar Pointsthat can be spent in the Pixaporium! Click the Luxo Ball located in the It’s a Small World Imports to see these items! Crates will be available all month!
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