MyVMK Forums Newsletter 8/10/19

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Events This Week
Events on this forum are subject to change throughout the week. For the most recent events you can check out our Social Media pages for any changes or additions! Events run on EST time.

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August 15
Princess and the Frogger: 7 PM - 7:30 PM

August 18
Double Credits: 12 AM - 11:59 PM
Crash's Sunday Quest: 12 AM - 11:59 PM

This week’s winning prize is a Casual Beast Shirt and the console prize is Belle's boisson fondante. Make sure you stay in the queue to get your very own Princes - Beast pin!

New Releases

New Releases are being held in "It's a Small World" Imports this month!

  • Eilonwy Shirt (500 c)
  • Eilonwy Skirt (500 c)
  • Hen Wen (1000 c)
  • Mickey Ears Baseball Cap (1000 c)
  • Minnie Ears Baseball Cap (1000 c)
  • Princes - Aladdin (250 c)
  • Royal Bench (500 c)
  • Royal Bench Blue (500 c)
  • Royal Bench Green (500 c)
  • Royal Bench Purple (500 c)
  • Royal Bench Red (500 c)
  • Royal Table (750 c)
  • Royal Table Blue (750 c)
  • Royal Table Green (750 c)
  • Royal Table Purple (750 c)
  • Royal Table Red (750 c)


For a chance to win, ride the rides in the Fantasyland Courtyard to receive a Sword in the Stone pin! You can use this pin to have a chance at pulling the sword from the stone, and if you succeed, you will win one of these pins as a prize or some credits!

Hide and Seek Prize

Join the MyVMK Staff for an impromptu game of Hide and Seek! All throughout the month, the staff will be hosting Hide and Seek games and hiding in public rooms only. Most games will be announced as an in-game announcement and on our Twitter (@MyVMK) 15 minutes before the game begins, however, a few will be scheduled in advance and listed on the events calendar. Going forward, our Hide and Seek rules will be slightly different from past months. To win, you must find a staff member that is hidden, walk up to them, and be the first to say the following statement: “I found you (StaffMemberName)!” You must do both - walk up to the staff member and say the statement. Make sure to use the correct prefix (VMK_/HOST_/GA_/QA_) and try your best to type the statement correctly. Winners will be up to the discretion of the staff member hiding.

Pirates Treasure Chest Prizes
***POTC Keys will expire after 7 days of being in your inventory***

Pin Trades

Join us at our Happily Ever After Trades events this month and collect this adorable pin set!
**We do not accept Free, NPC, or 1 Credit Pins!**
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