myVMK Marketplace!! OVER 150 USERS in support!!

@dolphinjewel just posted her ideas on the original marketplace thread. Here is what she said:

"I love the idea of a marketplace! I vote yes, but only if there are two separate features:

1. Regular marketplace - where you post one price for an item and whoever buys it first gets it. (also, it would be nice to get a message saying who bought it for what price)
2. Auction market - where you post a starting bid for one item, and whoever bids the highest in a certain amount of time (the seller chooses) gets the item.

The reason I want a separate auction feature from the regular marketplace is because sometimes I don't have 100k to outbid someone, maybe I have just enough to buy the item as it is listed.

It would also be nice to have a feature where you can try on the item (if it is clothing), so that you don't buy it and regret the purchase. (maybe a 500c fee to try the item on so the buyer makes some extra credits/just an idea?) The same thing could work for furnishing too, where you go place a clone of the item in your room, so that you can see how it looks. If you don't buy the item in 24 hours, the clone returns to the marketplace. If you do buy the item, the clone is replaced by the real item.

Maybe the marketplace could include values as well? A separate page with all the recent transactions on it. But definitely a separate page with official values, so that you don't post a super high or low starting bid or price."

@staff we're not done petitioning for this feature :)
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