MyVMK Rap 2018


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Yo yo,
I want to make a MyVMK rap and I want YOU all to help! I’ve always loved this rap from the OG VMK and would love to do a remake for MyVMK.

I need help writing and with a beat, and then editing once we get it all figured out. Post your ideas and/or what you’ve come up with so far below!

As always, following MyVMK rules and this will not be a diss track or negative to any players or the game in any way!

Hope this will be fun. MYVMK MIX TAPE 2018
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Watch me pull up, vmk ‘15. Mind on some trades that got my grind on plenty. Gotta get those rares gotta get my credits, but other pixels they want ‘em now make sure you don’t get scammed. Black flip throwed back just spent 6 mil on that. Swangin’ through the kingdom copped green flips but I don’t need them.

That’s all XD
Wow that was really good. You even almost rhymed at the end!


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ayeee its Pizzzaaaaaa ( Tasty!) ,(Yum!)
Boom!, yo!
four plus four is eight, take them down that's great,
Everyone at the pirates game, High score!
See your friend on the water, that girl is a beast
When the cannons went boom-boom-boom, you went swerving (SKKKRRTT)
tapped right, Dang! (missed!), they reloaded (reloaded)
tapped left, my man (my guy), he's got the gold! ( got the gold)
I tap, tap, tap on those arrows, see that shot ( kaboom!)
down goes the person, tap the arrows my friend, Guest (new guy )
On the ocean shooting for the ten points, like my points? (savage!)
You thought I froze, I see you lag girl, then I pose (chilin)
If she ain't on it, ranking down, hah, look at your mouse (check your mouse yo)
You done, when it begun as i got the guns( cannons )
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Nala.. comin' in hot...

Writin' some code, call her Amy
People may say that she's crazy;
Remaking this game for us,
leaving OVMK in the dust.
Coming up on 5 years,
outlasting the imagineers.
Yeah, we got our ups and downs,
like the dark rides spinnin' you round'.
Got red ears on my head,
trying to tolerate Ned..
Whoa, slow down! Bagged that one!
This game will never be done.
*mic drop*
myvmk gotta play all day
collect the rares before they go away
new month new releases
dang my minds goin to pieces
double creds on the weekend gotta be trendy
anyone wanna play friendly?
i can't run though
i'm lazy but wanna make that dough
gotta reach 100k before tomorrow
so i can spend it all on something i wont have to borrow
does anyone actually look at the sits rides
cuz like lets b real we watch netflix and hide
our screens until we gotta enter the code in again
until we get a msg from a friend
yo theres a cute or boot game come play
and waste 3 hours of my day
to come in third place and win nothing
but it's ok cuz i know my outfit was stunning
o snap there's a don't hit the floor
i'll play cuz i don't care about havin friends anymore
dang my friend picked me that hurt
so obvi i'mma get them out, skrrrt skrrrt
tomorrow is a new day
for adventures on myvmk
I think of Trading when I'm in a Myvmk state of mind.

Hope the track got some crack.
My hack don't like no dirty jack.
Run up to the pack and get the rack.

In a Myvmk state of mind.
What more could you ask for? The Myvmk hijack?
You complain about Clones.
I gotta love it though - somebody still speaks for the hack.
I'm rappin' to the tag,
And I'm gonna move your lag.
Potc, alr, hm, like a hare
Boy, I tell you, I thought you were a bear.
I can't take the Clones, can't take the lab.
I woulda tried to Fly I guess I got no grab.
I'm rappin' to the lag,
And I'm gonna move your tag.
-mic drop-


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Walk it, like I talk it (17X)
Take my shoes and walk a mile
Something which they can't do (woo, hey!)
Big talks of the park, big kids squad moves (squad moves!)
I like to walk around with my pack loose (back, pack!)
She just bought a new shirt but got the same shoes (same shoes!)
Whipping up style, like a scientist (whip it up, whip it up)
(Cook it up, cook it up) (Skrrt-Skrrt!)
That's my contest, How did you find it?
(That's my contest) (Look it up, look it up, find it)
Adding up debt, look at those minus
(Add it up, add it up, add it up, add it up, dab )
Buy your merchandise in store they are diamonds ( shine , shine)
I bought a Tarzan shirt and her name is Jane ( Jane, Jane)
Repping up the 90's, bring them fame (woo!)
I bet their backs got scoliosis when I swerved in their lane (skrrrt)
Heard you ran for your life trying to have the last ride of the day
I just found this thread-- maybe we can revive it. :D *Clears throat*

Log it in, log it in, where my homies at?
No one's on at 8AM-- ride for SITS, stat!
On Pan lookin' undead-- it's tragic
I'm not talkin' no zombie magic
A hundred pins by evenin', feelin' like a prince
Gonna get that ultra-- I got myself convinced
Up to the sword, unload the stash
Six commons, a semi-rare, hella ash
No pins, no cry-- surprise hide 'n seek
Gotta, gotta, succeed, to be on fleek
Clicking like a fool all over the map
Someone found Alice first, ah snap
"I found you VMK_Pretida", ooh, butterfingers
Another failed attempt, the shame lingers
Run away to COB, feelin' like a waste
Too bad the host don't share my ill taste
Time to find friends and shoot the breeze
Then to catch ghosts-- we do what we please
No time for shade or dismay
This is madness-- this is MyVMK
Boi, boiii


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The name is inflate
On everyday bout eight in da mornin
Joined vmk on 8/8
Now my real life is borin
Active on these trades
While yall just snoring
Zee's auctions always get the job done
That's why the game is truly fun
Trading is Annoying to some
Sayin we got a broken economy
explain why I'm richer than half day one's
Not broken, peep the inventory
Itll tell it's own story


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"Hold up DJ, Hold DJ put a beat for me any kind of beat"
-Puts on a Road Dawg beat-
"oooh i like it lets see hmmmm, ok lets go!
What is wrong with this kid
Acting like he don't really know a kid
Acting like he don't really owe a kid
popped up on the game I dabbed on a kid
It will Defeat a kid ain't talking bout those pins
hit em with the dab at the corner door in the game
Young ones at the corner hiding from the shame
So many gold pins on my chain you would think you won a trophy while i am making it rain
dabbin like Cam , Stiff arm, superman
Hocus pocus, jumping, my diamonds sick
let me hit those stats up on pirates hope that will make you bench (football)
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