MyVMK Values Chart

If the chart was monitored by multiple players in the game, would you trust the values on the chart?

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Hello everyone!
I was reminiscing back to 2014 when I first joined MyVMK, and it's quite obvious to see what we're all missing that would come in handy.... A VALUES CHART!? I decided to take it into my own hands, and create a similar Google Spreadsheet to the one fitzherbert created, and I was hoping to enlist the help of a few players who are familiar with many of the values/frequently on forums to complete this chart. I would be giving access to those who PM me to help with this list, it would be posted on here once finished for everyone to see almost as the 'in-game marketplace' would act. Those who helped to participate on the spreadsheet would be mentioned and given credit on the post. Also, the list would be monitored and updated frequently to reflect the change of value in the game. If you think this is a bad idea, have any ideas or improvements that would be added, or would like to help make everyone's trading a bit easier: ("Can ya wait while I attempt to scan the forums for a price?")..... lets do it. :D


Love the idea and respect you for stepping forth to do something like this! Certainly wish they would task a staff member with this job and keeping track of items released though so we don't have to feel skeptical about the values or whether anything was forgotten. I don't mean to sound presumptuous, but I feel like this might be much easier for them to manage seeing as I would think some staff *cough* AMY have access to every single item in the game. NOT saying she should be the one in charge, seeing as I'm sure she has enough on her hands as it is, but man would this be helpful.


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I don't believe this is necessarily a good idea. To begin with, the market is incredibly inefficient. Whatever prices that are put on the chart will be based on inefficiently priced goods. Right now, a large driving factor for price is simply what people think the good should be worth. The chart would be based on these prices, which would mean that goods would continue to be improperly priced. The only thing the chart would do is save people time from searching through the forum to see what people last sold an item for. But again, it would be improperly priced. The best thing that can be done is the implementation of an actual in game market place ( This would make the market efficient by allowing supply and demand to properly regulate the price of goods. Prices within this kind of market should naturally reach an equilibrium point, which is when items will be fairly priced.

Would the chart save people a minute of searching? Yes
Would the prices be fair or trustworthy? No