New Misc tab in Clothing


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Hello everyone!

With the new Jafar release, we have introduced a new clothing category, Misc!

The Jafar Cape is the first item that is an accessory, miscellaneous item, and introduces many more clothing opportunities for the future!

How to take on and off Cape in Misc tab:
The current way to take the cape off is to be in the Clothing interface under the Misc tab. You must click in any empty box first, then click on the cape and that should add/remove it from your player. If you want to do the opposite of what you just did then you must click in an empty box again and then click the Cape again.
  • A little annoying yes but this bug will be fixed in the future!
New opportunities but don't forget the past:
Yes the Misc clothing category opens up a range of possibilites for future items, but we don't want to forget about old items as well! Leave your suggestions below on items you think should be moved from their current category to Misc! All VALID suggestions will be taken into consideration!

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definitely need more glasses! i like to wear the milo glasses but my daily glasses irl are square and black and i'd love to wear something like them in game[DOUBLEPOST=1540961372][/DOUBLEPOST]also any shoulder pets should be in misc i think too
Blustery Day Scarfs
Eye of Agamotto
Superhero Mask/ other masks

Future ideas:
Sashes (like Birthday, Winner, etc)
Dragon Tail
Swords (separate from shirts like Prince Phillip)
Ursula's Necklace
Other necklaces
VMK Pin Lanyards (from OG VMK clothes, but separate)
Princess Gloves
Butterfly chokers
Can you tell I am just so excited about this? lol


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Also, personally I think it would be nice to have the leggings (Example: Candy Cane Leggings, Spiderweb Leggings) under BOTH pants category and Misc category?? This way you can wear them by themselves as pants or wear them under skirts which would be super cute!! Not sure if that would be too complicated though. If not for older/current leggings.. maybe for future leggings?


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Pride Cape, bowties that were just sold this month, eye of agamotto, Darla retainer, unicorn horns? (maybe that one won't work), walkman.

Basically anything that doesn't go on your head (minus the walkman that I'd love to wear with a beanie if it looked ok.


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tried to name any items that ppl above hadn't, sorry if there are still duplicates
The Medals from BTS
Elliot Wings
Figment Wings
Elastagirl Mask
Gamora Wig - it would be nice to layer hats onto this but its fine if thats not possible
Geri's Glasses
Heart of Atlantis Crystal
Mardis Gras Beads - Green
Mardis Gras Beads - Purple
Mardis Gras Firebird Mask
Mardis Gras Swan Mask
Milo Thatch - Glasses
Pocahontas Necklace
Rainbow Lei
Thor Eye Patch
Yokia Kabuki Mask
I think these items would be great in the MISC tab! :)
- Bowtie
- Candy Corn Bowtie
- Spider Bowtie
Darla Retainer
Glasses and Sunglasses
- Civil War Sunglasses
- Geri's Glasses
- Infinity War Sunglasses
- Iron Man 3 Sunglasses
- It's Tough to Be a Bug 3D Sunglasses
- Max's Sunglasses
- Milo Thatch Glasses
- Solar Eclipse Glasses
- Stitch Red Sunglasses
- Sunglasses - Valentines
- Ultron Rare Sunglasses
Ghast Mask
Shoulder buddies
- Mushu on Shoulder
- Ray on Shoulder
- Princess Rapunzel's Pascal on Shoulder
- Jiminy Cricket Shoulder Buddy
- Orange Bird Buddy
- Staff Ghost Pet
- Winnie the Pooh Shoulder Pet
Miguel Skeleton Mask
Thor Eye Patch
Also maybe the new ears we got during Animal month? I think some of them would look really cute worn on top of some hats.

PS. Thanks for introducing this new feature! I'm so pumped for all the new stuff in the future!


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i cant remember all that lol we've been releasing those kinds of things for years lol
Sorry. I wasn't thinking of the process involved in moving one item. LOL. Maybe you can go through it backwards starting with the releases this month. Or do it by category like shoulder pets first, then sunglasses, then necklaces, and so on and so forth.
Just listing the items in I have in my inventory I think should be misc
Bustery Day Scarf
Butterfly on Face
Deer Antlers
Elliot Wings
Figment Wings
Frankenstein's Bride Wig
Frankenstein Wig
Jiminy Cricket Shoulder Buddy
Kitty Ears
Lady Ears Headband
Madam Mim Wings
Puppy Ears
Spider Bowite (And Candycorn Bowtie)
Spider Hair Bow (And Candycorn Hair Bow)
Unicorn Horns
Winnie the Pooh Shoulder Pet
Cruella De Vil Faux Fur Coat
Kida Anklet (I'd love a version we could wear with shoes)
I don't have the necklace, but somebody in game mentioned they would like to have the Kingdom Hearts necklace moved to the misc. tab so they could wear a hat as well


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I think all the shoulder pets should be misc: