NFL/College Football

I'm surprised this isn't a thread already.

Any football fans out there? My favorite college team is Georgia Tech. I guess it'll be UGA starting next fall. Gross Thought. My favorite NFL team is the Falcons, even if they're a terrible team. Gotta stay true to my Atlanta teams though.

What is yours?


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When the score hit 52-20, my mom said the game isn't over till the fat lady sings. Pretty sure at that point she had sung, finished the song, and everyone had packed up and left, the parking lot was empty, and the theater lights were out...


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Always been a Kansas City Chiefs fan. GO CHIEFS!!!!!! For college, Notre Dame Football


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Alabama fan! Roll Tide!

Don't really have a favorite NFL team. Mainly just pull for certain players I like, and of course for my fantasy players :).